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The Cloister is Expanding

We are adding 63 rooms, a pool and a junior ballroom on the outer edges of the Cloister property.

Fitness Schedule

The Spa at Sea Island Fitness Classes & Programs

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Actual schedule may vary throughout the month. Please refer to the print-friendly version for most accurate schedule.

6:00 a.m.Cycle Circuit

Power Hour
 Wake Up Call Row Fit  
8:00 a.m.Straight Up StrengthIntermediate Yoga

Cardio Boot Camp
Straight Up StrengthIntermediate Yoga

Cycle Sculpt
Straight Up Strength


Intermediate Yoga 
8:30 a.m.Aqua FitShallow Water AerobicsAqua FitShallow Water AerobicsAqua Fit

Cardio Reformer
9:00 a.m.Cycle Circuit
60 min. cycle & strength
combine followed by
30 min. stretch @ 10:00

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer

Row Fit

Pilates Reformer
Indoor Cycle

Pilates Reformer

Indoor Cycle

Pilates Reformer
9:15 a.m.TRX CircuitPilates Reformer @ 9:30   TRX Circuit 
10:00 a.m.Yoga FoundationsMind, Body, Strength

Yoga FoundationsPilates Mat Work

Yoga FoundationsBarre Class

Hard 'Core'@ 10:15

11:00 a.m.Pilates ReformerYoga Pilates FusionPilates Reformer Mind, Body, Strength


Pilates Reformer
11:15 a.m.Barre ClassHeated YogaBarre Class

Mind Body Balance
 Barre Class 
11:30 a.m. Power Hour  Pilates Reformer 
12:00 p.m.Cardio ReformerCardio Reformer     
12:30 p.m.    Power Hour  
3:00 p.m.Pilates Reformer for Tennis Reformer for Golf   
4:00 p.m.      R & R Yoga
5:00 p.m.Pilates ReformerIntro to SquashPilates Reformer*Squash Mixer Heated Yoga  
5:30 p.m.Mind Body Stretch

Row Fit
Indoor CycleMind Body Stretch    

Fitness Studio = FS
Cycle Studio = CS
Yoga Studio = YS
Pilates Studio = PS
Fitness Lobby=FL
Fitness Center Pool = FCP
Squash Courts = SQ
Water Atrium = WA
Beach Club = BC
Rainbow Island = RI

For your safety and well-being, please be on time to take full advantage of what each class has to offer. Classes are first-come first-served and must register in person the day of the class. Classes close 10 minutes after they commence. Hotel guests are welcomed to attend fitness classes for a daily fee of $20. Please note some specialty classes have unique costs associated. Call, 912-634-4442 for more details.

  • Aqua Fit: 45 minutes. Meet at Beach Club Pool for a challenging, low impact and fun deep water workout! Improves strength and endurance. (BC)
  • Barre Class: 55 minutes. $15 /person. Fast paced barre and mat work blending Lotte Berk® Method and ballet moves. (YS)
  • Cardio Boot Camp: 45 minutes. Cardio, tabata, step, plyometric and core drills - a full body workout. (FS)
  • *Cardio Reformer: 30 minutes. $30/person. High intensity/ low impact cardio and strength interval training. (PS)
  • Cycle Circuit: 55 minutes. High intensity intervals on the bike combined with strength and core challenge off the bike. Some classes may conclude with an additional 30 minute stretch. (CS)
  • Cycle Sculpt: 60 minutes. 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of total body sculpting. (CS)
  • *Food for Faces: 60 minutes. $35/person. For all ages. Join our nutritionist to prepare and enjoy homemade facials and scrubs that are fun and healthy. (FL)
  • *Get Your Plate In Shape: 60 minutes. $15/person. Join our nutritionist with an interactive discussion on a weekly hot topic. A great way to stay motivated for a healthy lifestyle. For all ages. (FL).
  • Hard Core: 45 minutes. Core focused training blending cardio, strength and balance. (FS)
  • Heated Yoga: 60 minutes. Detoxify, re-energize, and ignite the body in the heated surroundings of our Water Atrium. (WA)
  • Indoor Cycle: 45 minutes. A cycle odyssey for all levels combining various tempos and intervals. Non-impact. (CS)
  • Intermediate Yoga: 90 minutes. This challenging class builds endurance, strength and breath awareness. Yoga experience recommended. (YS)
  • *Intro to  Squash: 60 minutes. $30/person. Crash course in squash covering rules, strategy and basic shots with Sea Island Squash Pro. Equipment supplied. (SQ)
  • #Kayoga: 120 minutes. $95/person. Re-connect with yourself and your environment during this serene and stimulating outdoor kayak and yoga experience. (RI)
  • *Kids Fit: 55 minutes. $15/child. Ages 7 and up. Bringing fun and fitness to children. A wide range of fitness activities geared to help children's developing bodies.
  • *Kids Squash: 45 minutes. $25/child.  Ages 9-12. Learn the basics of squash in a fun and active environment. No prior experience necessary. Equipment included.
  • *Little Tykes Squash: 60 minutes. $25/child.  Ages 5-9. Develop basic squash techniques, stroke generation and hand eye coordination. Equipment included.
  • Mind, Body, Balance: 55 minutes. Improve balance, flexibility, and core strength while practicing full body awareness. (FS)
  • Mind, Body, Strength: 55 minutes. Incorporating elements of full body strengthening and mental relaxation; this class can be tailored to your desired intensity level and is great for all levels of fitness! (FS)
  • Mind, Body, Stretch: 45 minutes. A great way to end the day and improve flexibility, breathing and relaxation. Perfect for golfers! (YS)
  • Outdoor for HITT: 60 minutes. A fast paced and fun full body calorie burner. This class utilizes the High Intensity Interval Training principle to ramp up your metabolism in a beautiful outdoor setting!
  • Pilates Mat Work: 45 minutes. Muscle balance, core strength, and breathing to improve alignment, mobility and strength. (YS)
  • *Pilates Reformer: 55 minutes. $40 / person. Using specialized Pilates equipment. The focus is on strengthening the core, joint mobility and stablization, stretching and aligning the body. (PS)
  • *Pilates Reformer for Tennis: 45 minutes. $40 / person. Improve your game by increasing flexibility, muscle strengthand endurance in this fast paced, controlled movement class. (PS)
  • *Power Hour: 60 minutes. $25 / person. A small class setting utilizing the entire Fitness Floor in a dynamic, full body circuit workout.
  • R & R Yoga: 90 minutes. Restore and Relax with this gentle yoga practice designed for everyone. (YS)
  • *Reformer for Golf: 45 minutes. $40 / person. Focus on the muscles used for a proper golf swing and how to activate them on and off the course. (PS)
  • Row Fit: 45 minutes. Take your fitness to the next level with this dynamic interval class that uses, TRX, rowers, kettle bells, bars, stability balls and BOSU. (FS)
  • Shallow Water Aerobics: 45 minutes. Join us at the Fitness Center Pool for low impact water workout. (FCP)
  • #SUPY: 60 minutes. $75 / person. Take your yoga practice on the water and enjoy picturesque surroundings where you clear your mind and relax. (RI)
  • Squash Mixer: 90 minutes. $15 / person. Competitive games with others, along with Sea Island Squash Pro. Playing time and games vary. (SQ)
  • Straight Up Strength: 45 minutes. A great free-weight workout that challenges the entire body. (FS)
  • *Teen Squash: 60 minutes. $30/teen. Ages 13 and up. Learn the basics of squash in a fun and active environment.  No prior experience necessary.  Equipment included.
  • Teen Yoga: 60 minutes. Yoga offers teens a way to find a stable ground as well as acceptance of these life changes. This class empowers the individual, strengthens the body, and flexes the imaginations, while relieving the stress of daily life. Ages 12 – 16. (YS)
  • *TRX: 50 minutes. $25 / person. Total body fitnesss using gravity against your body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability in a small group setting. (FS)
  • *TRX Circuit: 55 minutes. $15 / person. Discover a fresh way to make your fitness regimen more interesting, challenging and fulfilling using a wide variety of equipment including, TRX balls, bands, bars in a fun and small dynamic group format.(FS)
  • Wake Up Call: 45 minutes. Dynamic cardio and strength drills in a high intensity circuit format. (FS
  • Yoga Foundations: 60 minutes. For all levels of practitioners alike, this class focuses on the building blocks of a sound Hatha Yoga practice. (YS)
  • Zumba®: 50 minutes. Latin based dance combining cardio/fitness moves with easy, repetitive dance steps done to fun motivating music. (FS)

*Fitness classes with asterisks require a reservation 24 hours in advance. Please call the Fitness Center at 912-634-4442.