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The Cloister is Expanding

We are adding 63 rooms, a pool and a junior ballroom on the outer edges of the Cloister property.

Fitness Schedule

The Spa at Sea Island Fitness Classes & Programs

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Actual schedule may vary throughout the month. Please refer to the print-friendly version for most accurate schedule.

6:00 a.m.Cycle Circuit

Power Hour
 Wake Up Call Row Fit  
8:00 a.m.Straight Up Strength
Intermediate Yoga

Cardio Boot Camp
Straight Up Strength
Intermediate Yoga

Cycle Sculpt
Straight Up Strength

Intermediate Yoga
8:30 a.m.Aqua FitShallow Water AerobicsAqua FitShallow Water Aerobics
Aqua Fit
9:00 a.m.

Cycle Circuit
60 min. cycle & strength combine followed by 30 min. stretch at 10.00?

Pilates Reformer

Zumba®Pilates Reformer

Row Fit

Pilates Reformer
Indoor Cycle

Pilates Reformer
Indoor Cycle

Pilates Reformer
9:15 a.m.TRX CircuitPilates Reformer at 9:30
   TRX Circuit 
10:00 a.m.Yoga Foundations
Mind, Body, Strength
Yoga Foundations
Pilates Mat WorkYoga Foundations
Barre Class

Hard 'Core' at 10:15
11:00 a.m.Pilates ReformerYoga Pilates FusionPilates Reformer Mind, Body, Strength


Pilates Reformer
11:15 a.m.Barre ClassHeated YogaBarre Class

Mind, Body, Balance
 Barre Class  
11:30 a.m. Power Hour  Pilates Reformer  
12:00 p.m.Cardio ReformerCardio Reformer     
12:30 p.m.    Power Hour
3:00 p.m.Sports Conditioning

Pilates Reformer
 Sports Conditioning

Pilates Reformer
4:00 p.m.      R & R Yoga
5:00 p.m.Pilates Reformer Pilates Reformer  Heated Yoga  
5:30 p.m.Mind, Body, Stretch

Row Fit
Indoor CycleMind, Body, Stretch    

Fitness Studio = FS
Cycle Studio = CS
Yoga Studio = YS
Pilates Studio = PS
Fitness Lobby=FL
Fitness Center Pool = FCP
Squash Courts = SQ
Water Atrium = WA
Beach Club = BC
Rainbow Island = RI

For your safety and well-being, please be on time to take full advantage of what each class has to offer. Classes are first-come first-served and must register in person the day of the class. Classes close 10 minutes after they commence. Hotel guests are welcomed to attend fitness classes for a daily fee of $20. Please note some specialty classes have unique costs associated. Call, 912-634-4442 for more details.

  • Aqua Fit: 45 minutes. Meet at Beach Club Pool for a challenging, low impact and fun deep water workout! Improves strength and endurance. (BC)
  • Barre Class: 55 minutes. $15 /person. Fast paced barre and mat work blending Lotte Berk® Method and ballet moves. (YS)
  • Cardio Boot Camp: 45 minutes. Cardio, tabata, step, plyometric and core drills - a full body workout. (FS)
  • *Cardio Reformer: 30 minutes. $30/person. High intensity/ low impact cardio and strength interval training. (PS)
  • Cycle Circuit: 45 minutes. High intensity intervals on the bike combine with strength and core challenge off the bike. (CS)
  • Cycle Sculpt: 60 minutes. 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of total body sculpting. (CS)
  • Hard Core: 45 minutes. Core focused training blending cardio, strength and balance. (FS)
  • Heated Yoga: 60 minutes. Detoxify, re-energize, and ignite the body in the heated surroundings of our Water Atrium. (WA)
  • Indoor Cycle: 45 minutes. A cycle odyssey for all levels combining various tempos and intervals. Non-impact. (CS)
  • Intermediate Yoga: 90 minutes. This challenging class builds endurance, strength and breath awareness. Yoga experience recommended. (YS)
  • Mind, Body, Balance: 55 minutes. Improve balance, flexibility, and core strength while practicing full body awareness. (FS)
  • Mind, Body, Strength: 55 minutes. Incorporating elements of full body strengthening and mental relaxation; this class can be tailored to your desired intensity level and is great for all levels of fitness! (FS)
  • Mind, Body, Stretch: 45 minutes. A great way to end the day and improve flexibility, breathing and relaxation. Perfect for golfers! (YS)
  • Pilates Mat Work: 45 minutes. Muscle balance, core strength, and breathing to improve alignment, mobility and strength. (YS)
  • *Pilates Reformer Class: 55 minutes. $40 per person. Using specialized Pilates equipment. The focus is on strengthening the core, joint mobility and stabilization, stretching and aligning the body.(PS)
  • *Power Hour: 60 minutes. $25 / person. A small class setting utilizing the entire Fitness Floor in a dynamic, full body circuit workout.
  • R & R Yoga: 90 minutes. Restore and Relax with this gentle yoga practice designed for everyone. (YS)
  • *Reformer for Golf: 45 minutes. $40 / person. Focus on the muscles used for a proper golf swing and how to activate them on and off the course. (PS)
  • Row Fit: 45 minutes. Take your fitness to the next level with this dynamic interval class that uses, TRX, rowers, kettle bells, bars, stability balls and BOSU. (FS)
  • Shallow Water Aerobics: 45 minutes. Join us at the Fitness Center Pool for low impact water workout. (FCP)
  • Sports Conditioning Pilates Reformer: 50 minutes. $55/person.  Improve your game for any sport by increasing flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in this fast paced, controlled movement class. (PS) 
  • Straight Up Strength: 45 minutes. A great free-weight workout that challenges the entire body. (FS)
  • *TRX Circuit: 55 minutes. $15/person. Make your fitness regimen more interesting, challenging, and fulfilling using a wide variety of equipment including TRX, balls, bands, and bars.(FS)
  • Wake Up Call: 45 minutes. Dynamic cardio and strength drills in a high intensity circuit format. (FS)
  • Yoga Foundations: 60 minutes. For all levels of practitioners alike, this class focuses on the building blocks of a sound Hatha Yoga practice. (YS)
  • Yoga Pilates Fusion: 55 minutes. A combination of yoga and Pilates using fluid movement to transition through exercises and asanas. (YS)
  • Zumba®: 50 minutes. Latin based dance combining cardio/fitness moves with easy, repetitive dance steps done to fun motivating music. (FS)

*Fitness classes with asterisks require a reservation 24 hours in advance. Please call the Fitness Center at 912-634-4442.