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We are adding 63 rooms, a pool and a junior ballroom on the outer edges of the Cloister property.



The Only Forbes Five-Star Resorts in the U.S. to Offer a Squash Program

With two International Softball Courts and one North American Hardball Doubles Court, Sea Island offers a wide variety of programs for any level of player. Often called “chess on court”, squash is one of the fastest and most exciting sports in the world. Sea Island provides a  program which can be customized for the first time player or those wanting to hone their skills, with private lessons, clinics, round robins, and partner matching. Along with the latest equipment, accessories, and active wear fashions for squash, premium equipment rental is available. 

  • Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction and play, tailored to your needs.
  • Semi-private lessons offer instruction and play for up to three people.
  • Clinics available throughout the week or customized group events ensure a great time on court.
  • All programs include stroke improvement, covering all shots in the game, rules, tactics, training and match approach in both singles and doubles squash.
  • Squash Fit delivers an energetic combination of squash and training to improve your fitness and your game while burning up to 1000 calories in an hour.

Check This Week at Sea Island for round robins, clinics and special squash events, along with squash socials with prizes and refreshments.

Junior and Mini Squash (Available during summer months and major holidays)

Sea Island offers rigorous programs for kids of all ages and levels, along with Mini Squash to introduce children to the game for the first time in a fun and exercise-oriented way. Mini Squash offers age-specific clinics designed to promote a lifelong love of the sport and equip juniors with the tools required to advance to the next level.

  • Mini Squash for ages 4-6 develops basic skills and hand-eye coordination with introductory court based movements and drills.
  • Mini Squash for ages 7-9 develops basic squash techniques, stroke production, and introduction to the rules of the game with easy-to-learn drills and exercises.
  • Mini Squash for ages 10 and up, prepares kids for the full game of squash with fundamental principles of forehand, backhand, drives, volleys, drops, lobs, serves, return of serve and boasts, along with skills in footwork, tactics, and strategies.