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6 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 we are thrilled to have you with us as we celebrate our 90th anniversary. While much has changed since The Cloister opened as a “friendly little hotel” in 1928, we have been careful to preserve the values that make us Sea Island: cherishing family, friends and the beautiful local landscape that we have the pleasure of being a part of. You can learn about the story of Sea Island on page 34. We have many long-standing traditions that exemplify those values. These include the outdoor activities that encourage visitors to experience the beach, marsh and maritime forest; the recurring holiday events that bring families together; and sports that foster longtime friendships and team building. In fact, golf at Sea Island even predates The Cloister, with our first nine holes opening months before the hotel. You can read more about our golf history on page 44, and how activities on the Island have evolved on page 20. However, these experiences only became traditions because of you, the members and guests who come here to enjoy them. Our legacy owes thanks to the couples who selected the resort as their wedding venue, then returned year after year to celebrate anniversaries; the parents who vacationed here as children, then came back to re-create many of the same experiences with their kids and grandkids; the corporate and conference attendees who have met here to get to know one other while discussing industry trends; and the first-time visitors, who make memories while participating in both the longtime traditions and the newest offerings. This year, the new offerings on the Island include Sea Island Explorer, a 71-foot yacht, which will provide tours along the Black Banks River, and is also available for private charter. You can learn more about it, and the evolution of yachting, on page 48. We are also enhancing The Lodge, adding six new cottages, an oceanfront pool and pool house and an 18-hole putting course. In addition, a new Golf Performance Center is coming soon. The 17,000-square-foot space will feature a putting studio, full-service workshop, gym, instructional and club-fitting bays, industry-leading technology and more. We’re not the only ones marking a major milestone this year. Throughout this issue, you will discover details and backstories behind other brands, people, places and more that are also celebrating anniversaries, from historic sites to cultural icons. For example, famed Georgia restaurant The Varsity is also turning 90. You can read about the eatery’s colorful past on page 56. Whether this is your first time visiting, or you have been a part of our community for decades, thank you for joining us at this exciting moment in our history. The memories that you make here today will continue to shape life at Sea Island for generations to come. Sincerely, Scott Steilen President and CEO, Sea Island WELCOME TO SEA ISLAND! WELCOME

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8 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 34. 38. 44. 48. 52. 56. 62. 66. AN EMERALD ANNIVERSARY Over the past 90 years, Sea Island evolved from a “friendly little hotel” to a world-famous destination, while proving that some traditions are timeless. By Linda Domingo FOCUSED ON PHEASANT Admired for their impressive plumage, ring-necked pheasants inspire a devoted following of hunters, chefs, fly-tying anglers and artisans. By Joe Rada SETTING THE COURSE Discover the legend behind the British designers who helped establish Sea Island as an outstanding golf destination. By Dale Leatherman SUMMONED BY THE SEA For centuries, yachting has captured the essence of some of life’s most priceless gifts: adventure, exploration and memories. By Rebecca Cahilly-Taranto CHEERS TO CLASSIC COCKTAILS Between their storied pasts and recognizable recipes, these drinks have a staying power that has made them not only classics, but modern favorites as well. By Jennifer Walker-Journey THE VARSITY CELEBRATES 90 YEARS The world’s largest drive-in restaurant is famous for food with heaping helpings of nostalgia and entertainment served on the side. By Amber Lanier Nagle DRIVING THROUGH HISTORY Cars have played a pivotal role in the history of Sea Island, as founder Howard Coffin was also a pioneer in the automobile industry. By Ashley Ryan SPARKLING STATEMENTS Anniversary gems give couples the opportunity to celebrate relationship milestones with uniquely crafted jewelry. By Michelle Franzen Martin 52 44 56 BOTTOM LEFT: COURTESY OF THE VARSITY contents | features Spring | Summer 2018

The Perfect Retirement. 136 Marsh’s Edge Lane • St. Simons Island, GA 31522 (912) 324-3028 • Georgia’s Premier Life Plan Community

10 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 WELCOME LETTER SEASONAL FLAVORS: SWEETS FOR THE SEASON From the casual to the gourmet, chilled desserts are the sweetest way to enjoy sunny days at Sea Island. LIBATIONS: THE RISE OF ROSÉ This age-old beverage is gaining a large modern following. SOUTHERN STYLE: TIMELESS ATTIRE Peter Millar has grown from a line of cashmere sweaters into a luxury lifestyle brand offering a varied collection that is thriving worldwide. OUTWARD BOUND: MOVING THROUGH THE DECADES While activities around the Island have evolved greatly from yesteryear to yesterday, they have always left visitors with lifelong memories. MIND + BODY: SOLE SOOTHING The ancient art of reflexology offers benefits for both body and mind. GET FIT: FITNESS FOR TWO Working out as a couple promotes strong bodies and healthy relationships. FAMILY FIRST: SADDLE UP Horseback riding opportunities at Sea Island encourage families to come together to experience a unique bonding activity while exploring the area. 6. 14. 16. 18. 20. 22. 23. 24. IN THE SWING: NO PLACE LIKE HOME From beginners to the PGA players who live and train at Sea Island, the resort offers experiences for golfers at every stage. ON THE ISLE: DID YOU KNOW? Discover fun facts and stories linked to Sea Island’s 90th anniversary. FAVORITE THINGS: GENERATIONS OF RECOLLECTIONS As Sea Island celebrates its 90th anniversary, longtime members Ben and Cheral Turnipseed, along with their family, look back on many decades of memories. HISTORY: LOOKING UP The Golden Isles played a significant role in the military efforts of World War II, which included a blimp fleet based at a naval air station in Brunswick watching for German submarines from above. EXPERIENCE SEA ISLAND This guide includes what’s new, dates to save and other Island notes. CONNECT VIA SOCIAL MEDIA Discover what has happened on the Island. EXPERIENCE THE BROADMOOR Learn about our sister property, The Broadmoor, and discover its news and latest events. SEA ISLAND STYLE Find the latest looks from your favorite brands, plus sporting gear, gourmet goods and more at the wide variety of shops. THEN AND NOW: 90 YEARS OF ASTONISHING ARCHITECTURE The iconic facade of The Cloister, which has greeted Sea Island visitors since 1928, has gradually evolved to become an even more welcoming sight. 26. 28. 30. 32. 68. 71. 72. 74. 86. 14 ACTIVITIES THEN AND NOW ISLAND TRADITIONS AND NEW ADDITIONS SIPPING ON TIME STORIES BEHIND CLASSIC COCKTAILS SETTING THE COURSE THE GOLF GREATS WHO CREATED SEASIDE celebrating THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF SEA ISLAND SPRING/SUMMER 2018 SEA Island LIFE FC_SI11.indd 1 3/16/18 11:16 AM THE SEA ISLAND CASINO AND A BOARDWALK WERE CONSTRUCTED IN 1930. DISCOVER MORE ABOUT THE RESORT’S HISTORY ON PAGE 34. contents | departments Spring | Summer 2018

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14 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 SEASONAL FLAVORS the menus at Sea Island change in response to seasons, and the desserts offered in the on-site restaurants are no exception. From the rustic Italian feel of Tavola to the elegance of the Forbes Five-Star Georgian Room, fresh innovations from the Sea Island pastry team combine with longtime resort favorites to make spring and summer as sweet as they are sunny. Wonderland, the ice cream shop at The Beach Club, has been redesigned into an even larger poolside sweet shop offering frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream with toppings. In addition to those refreshing treats, here are five more cold desserts to tempt your warmweather palate. The Gold Brick Sundae A longtime Sea Island tradition, this iconic treat is available on the menu at the River Bar & Lounge, Southern Tide and Wonderland. Vanilla ice cream is covered with a magical warm chocolate sauce that hardens to a crisp shell when it meets the cold base. The roasted pecans make an aromatic addition to the flavor, slightly salty in contrast to the sweet dessert. A favorite of members and popular with guests, the Gold Brick Sundae can be requested at the resort even if it’s not on the menu. Pastry Chef de Partie Ashley Nichols is always happy to accommodate the request. “If we do have a member or guest eating and the Gold Brick Sundae is their favorite thing in the world, we will absolutely make sure they get their hands on one,” Nichols says. Coffee and Doughnuts While the name might sound a little simple, there is nothing plain about this hot-andcold dessert at River Bar & Lounge. In fact, Nichols is partial to the contrast. “The temperature difference is one of my favorite things to create,” Nichols says. “When you pull it off well, it makes one of the nicest desserts.” Fresh, hot beignets are paired with a rich, thick cold coffee custard and served as an innovative spin on a classic sweet pick-me-up. SWEETS FOR THE SEASON FROM THE CASUAL TO THE GOURMET, CHILLED DESSERTS ARE THE SWEETEST WAY TO ENJOY SUNNY DAYS AT SEA ISLAND. BY JESSICA FARTHING Tiramisu is the most popular dessert at Tavola.

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 15 SIDEBAR: KEITH HOMAN/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Strawberry Shortcake A classic Southern warm-weather favorite, this pastry-based dish is served with a cool, heavy whipped cream topping. The farm-fresh flavors of cold ripe berries on top add a bright and sweet flavor to the house-made warm biscuit. Served in Southern Tide, where the menu places an emphasis on the traditional, the strawberry shortcake also has notes of fresh citrus zest. Tiramisu At Tavola, the most popular dessert offered, by far, is the tiramisu. It features layers of mascarpone cheese folded with heavy whipped cream and baked ladyfinger cookies soaked in liqueur-laced coffee. The chocolate espresso sauce on the bottom adds the final touch of decadent flavor. Cool and refreshing, this creamy concoction is the perfect traditional end to an Italian meal. House-Made Gelato, Sorbet and Ice Cream Handcrafted frozen desserts are a favorite with Sea Island chefs. Creating these treats in-house is unusual for a resort because they often do not have the capacity, but the 3-gallon ice cream machine at Sea Island can whip up a new flavor quickly. “We have hazelnut [gelato] and do a really lovely biscotti [gelato], which is either a caramel or chocolate flavor with a nice crunch from biscotti pieces,” says Cortney Harris, executive pastry chef at Sea Island. The biscotti is on Tavola’s menu, while the hazelnut is offered across the resort. Another unique gelato flavor is the lemon cookie crunch, also served at all outlets. Starting with a vanilla base, the chefs spin in lemon and freshly baked cookies that add the citrus flavor and crunchy texture. m AN ICE-COLD ANNIVERSARY Legendary ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s celebrates 40 years. In 1978, Ben & Jerry’s began in a remodeled gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Two best friends took a $5 ice cream-making course from Pennsylvania State University and opened up their first shop with a $12,000 investment. One year later, they celebrated their newfound success by hosting Free Cone Day, a tradition that continues at Ben & Jerry’s stores today. From the company’s humble beginnings, the duo moved to a local warehouse where they packed pints and delivered them out of Ben’s classic Volkswagen to local grocery stores. The business made a major contribution to the world of ice cream when it invented one of its most famous flavors, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. This popular dessert was the result of a note left on the suggestion board at one of the Vermont stores, which provided the inspiration for the best-selling flavor. The company also built the world’s largest ice cream sundae in 1983, weighing in at an amazing 27,102 pounds. When Jerry was at Sea Island in 2012 and 2014, the resort’s culinary team built a 40-foot Ben & Jerry’s ice cream banana split. The Gold Brick Sundae, a Sea Island tradition The strawberry shortcake features fresh berries, a house-made biscuit and cool whipped cream.

16 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 Rosé, which dates back to ancient Greece, has become especially popular in recent years. THE RISE OF ROSÉ THIS AGE-OLD BEVERAGE IS GAINING A LARGE MODERN FOLLOWING. BY STEPHANIE KALINA-METZGER rosé is having a major moment. Over the last 13 years, exports of rosé from Provence, France, to the U.S. have increased by double digits. The multifaceted drink is particularly high in demand during the spring and summer months, and pairs well with nearly everything on the lighter side of the food spectrum, from fish and sushi to poultry and pork. The palatable beverage is so popular that it’s even given rise to the hashtag #roseallday, with the number of Instagram posts about it reaching the hundreds of thousands. Yet, while it may be trending, the wine certainly isn’t new. Many historians speculate that rosé is one of the oldest wines known to humans, with its history tracing back all the way to ancient Greece. The pale color of the wine results from short maceration periods, which is when the grape skins release their pigments and aromas. Eventually, the Romans popularized darker wines, but rosé remained a favorite in various parts of France. Today, some of the best rosé is known to come from Provence, which touts a rich winemaking heritage. It is here that collective knowledge has been passed down through many generations, honoring time-tested techniques that pair well with its climate, which is ideal for growing grapes. Sacha Lichine, owner of Provence-based winery Chateau d’Esclans, is riding the modern rosé wave, and few would begrudge him that right. His LIBATIONS

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 17 Some of the best rosé is created in Provence, France. innovative efforts to usher in a new generation of rosé began in 2006, and many credit him for the growing popularity of the libation. His Whispering Angel wine, which is crafted as a blend of grenache, vermentino, cinsault, syrah and mourvèdre grapes, has earned somewhat of a cult following among the fashionable set in the United States. “Rosé had a cheerful … reputation, but was never taken very seriously,” Lichine says. When he set out to revamp rosé, he employed his extensive knowledge of winemaking to try innovative techniques, which transformed the drink from an afterthought to the star of the show, with a clean, dry taste that’s easy on the palate. Lichine describes Whispering Angel rosé as being very fruit-forward and says “it has the aroma of ripe fruit, without being sweet.” He adds that the grapes used in production are “very ripe and full of taste and flavor.” You could say Lichine comes by his talent honestly. His father, Alexis Lichine, was often referred to as the Pope of Wine, for his expertise in wine writing, sales and marketing. Alexis used his well-rooted experience, knowledge and connections in the American wine market to make Whispering Angel and the wines of Chateau d’Esclans the force they TOP LEFT: DAR1930/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM are today. As for Sacha, he’s happy that he trusted his instincts and took the risk with his career in the wine industry. “When I started making this wine in 2006, after leaving Bordeaux, people thought I was crazy. I thought it was an exciting, new frontier. The rest is history,” he says. Other popular rosés in the Lichine portfolio are Rock Angel, Les Clans and Garrus, all of which are crafted in oak barrels. “This is quite unusual and refined insofar as producing rosé is concerned,” says Tom Schreckinger, communications director at Chateau d’Esclans. Sea Island Sommelier Ryan McLoughlin has witnessed the rise of rosé firsthand, particularly Whispering Angel. For those who are interested in what all the buzz is about, Whispering Angel is sold locally at The Market on St. Simons. “We’ve seen rosé evolve from the pink wine that no one enjoyed drinking to being embraced as a year-round drink,” McLoughlin says. “Wine consumption is at a record high at the moment, so as wine consumption grew, so did [the popularity of] rosé.” For anyone looking for a new wine to try, now might be the perfect time to think pink. m ROSÉ FAVORITES Sommelier Ryan McLoughlin shares a few of his top picks at Sea Island. Le Rocher des Violettes Rosé de Touraine, Loire Valley, France, 2017 “Served in the Georgian Room, this rosé has a slightly deeper hue with its light ruby core,” McLoughlin says. “On the palate are flavors of crisp strawberry, with raspberries at the front. The mouth is full with a long finish; [it] pairs well with grilled shrimp, chicken or pork.” Mastroberardino Lacrimarosa Irpinia Rosato, Campania, Italy, 2017 “Served in Tavola, this wine is crafted from 100 percent aglianico [grapes],” McLoughlin says. “Due to the dark skin of the grape, the wine undergoes a very soft pressing with limited skin contact, causing it to possess a pale pink hue with delicate aromas of white peach, peony and strawberry. On the palate, it is balanced with flavors of underripe strawberries and raspberries. [This wine] pairs well with cured meats and fresh cheeses, such as mozzarella.” Tuck Beckstoffer Hogwash Rosé, California, 2017 “Served at the Beach Club, this classic rosé of grenache is produced by Tuck Beckstoffer and possesses a hue of rose-gold pink, with aromas of fresh berries that finish with hints of melon. On the palate, it is bone-dry with berries, orange rind and pear; [it] pairs well with its namesake: pork. The wine was originally made for a pig roast the winemaker was throwing. It was such a hit that they continued to make it.”

18 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 in 2001, an intrepid trio of entrepreneurs led by Chris Knott took a timeless concept in apparel and brought it quite literally into the 21st century. Despite the casual fashion trends that were popping up in LA and New York City—jeans, leather jackets and tattered Chuck Taylors—the always impeccably dressed Southern boy saw the need for the classics, and thus, Peter Millar was born. At that time, it had a solitary product: cashmere sweaters that were straightforward, comfortable to wear and like butter to touch. In a world where startups are commonplace and small businesses come and go, Peter Millar has done what most can’t, standing the test of time and expanding swiftly. In the last 17 years, from its grass-roots beginnings in Bristol, Tennessee, the now North Carolinabased luxury lifestyle brand has garnered a devoted following around the world. Chairman and CEO Scott Mahoney insists TIMELESS ATTIRE PETER MILLAR HAS GROWN FROM A LINE OF CASHMERE SWEATERS INTO A LUXURY LIFESTYLE BRAND OFFERING A VARIED COLLECTION THAT IS THRIVING WORLDWIDE. BY MICHELLE RAE UY SOUTHERN STYLE The Peter Millar retail shop in The Cloister at Sea Island that sheer luck played a part in its success. “We had really good fortune along the way,” he explains. It’s not false modesty. The brand does owe a lot of its success to a series of very fortunate events: getting the right people together at the right time, in the right place, to discuss the right ideas. Mahoney previously did a lot of work with Sea Island during his tenure at Ralph Lauren, and thought it a good idea to bring the Sea Island team on as investors. Sea Island saw the potential and acquired a majority interest in 2005 (a private equity firm purchased that interest from Sea Island in 2009). Mahoney, who left Ralph Lauren to run Peter Millar that same year, said that Sea Island’s iconic status really helped seal the company’s fate. “One of the most immediate byproducts of this was— and it was really unintended—that this young, unknown company was able to latch on to Sea Island’s long, cultured history,” he explains. “With the help of Sea Island, Peter Millar transformed into a lifestyle brand.” Indeed, the brand expanded its product line to include casual and button-down menswear, outerwear, accessories and even womenswear; it went from having only five employees and 400 square feet of space to opening its very own state-of-the-art, 120,000-square-foot distribution center in Durham, North Carolina. The beauty of Peter Millar is that it’s never been about one person. There’s no Peter Millar, first of all—Knott got the name from a lawn bowling ball his mom gave him. Secondly, the brand is the result of the collaborative efforts of a number of people and entities, from Knott and partners Chet Sikorski and Greg Oakley to Mahoney himself and Sea Island’s support. There are also the 250 employees that keep the business running like a well-oiled machine. The headquarters are in Durham, and at the nearby warehouse, Vice President of Operations Allen Rowe set the bar of service high after driving a package to FedEx himself the night before Christmas Eve so that a customer could get his order in time. The products themselves are also, in a way, collaborative. Peter Millar has captured and recreated the best of the past, while also encapsulating the here and now. The brand’s designs are amalgamations of the good old days when folks dressed to the nines even when running simple errands, and the more relaxed, modern approach that blends elegant style with casual fun. Peter Millar is also known for its excellent quality. The company has mastered the art of great sourcing, which allows it to offer beautifully made products in opulent materials sans the excessive price tag. All of these elements combined paved the way for the brand to acquire a multigenerational clientele, as well as sell to hundreds of specialty shops, golf shops, country clubs and resorts worldwide. Its shop at Sea Island opened in 2016. Is the brand changing the landscape of luxury lifestyle wear forever? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain: Peter Millar has proved that looking sharp never goes out of style. m


20 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 MOVING THROUGH THE DECADES WHILE ACTIVITIES AROUND THE ISLAND HAVE EVOLVED GREATLY FROM YESTERYEAR TO YESTERDAY, THEY HAVE ALWAYS LEFT VISITORS WITH LIFELONG MEMORIES. BY KARLEE PRAZAK An Active Beginning A cool mist fills the salty, summer morning air as a lone bird calls in the background. It’s 1928, Sea Island is in its infancy, and it’s easy to become acutely aware of how quiet and peaceful this little slice of paradise is. Yet, there is activity happening as well, as a handful of new guests get ready for a day filled with on-site experiences that provide a balance of recreation and relaxation. Between the fishing, boating, swimming, shooting, tennis, horseback riding, hunting and more, from day one there were already plenty of activities to fill the time while vacationing at Sea Island. “The foundation was set [more than] 90 … years ago, really. That foundation is to base activity offerings on what we have around us and to leverage what’s around us in different ways,” Director of Recreation Mike Kennedy explains. “The focus has been on truly making a unique experience here in coastal Georgia.” That is especially true for horseback riding and hunting, as both are heavily influenced by the natural environment. The unique flora and fauna that guests and members encountered decades ago continue to shape the experiences of those who hunt and ride at Sea Island today. Early in the resort’s history, hunting was already taking place around the area where Broadfield, A Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge, is now located. “There was a sporting club and lodge, and guests hunted quail, deer, pheasant [and] turkey,” OUTWARD BOUND The angling experiences offered at Sea Island have expanded due to advancements in technology. Fishing is one of the resort’s original activities.

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 21 says Director of Marketing Communication Merry Tipton. Kennedy adds that the Shooting School opened in 1929. The locking and loading of shotguns with gunpowder followed by a steady aim and an assertive “pull!” could be heard right near The Cloister, much like it is to this very day. But while modern guests and members could very easily re-enact the skeet shooting experience of yesteryear, they’d be hard-pressed to find a similar experience with golf. The first folks to tee off at Sea Island, donning cropped pants, V-neck sweaters and ties, and swinging clubs with wooden heads, were facing a mere nine holes. Tipton explains that, although important to the foundation of Sea Island’s activities, golf was not a favorite pastime for founder Howard Coffin. He did, however, land a hole-in-one when he followed his instincts and offered a well-groomed nine-hole course prior to opening. Modern Offerings Today, Sea Island is still a quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Yet, over time, the resort began offering twists and updates to many of its classic experiences, as well as new additions for guests and members. “There is a remarkable similarity, in some ways, between … what the guests could do in the ’20s and ’30s and ’40s to what they can do now,” Tipton explains. “What [the recreation team] has done is remarkable. … Could you go fishing back then? Absolutely, but you can go fishing now in a lot of different ways.” As angling and boating technology and equipment became more advanced, Sea Island was able to offer a broader range of fishing experiences. What began as groups casting lines from the shoreline has turned into kayak fishing and daylong adventures out on the water, the latter of which has even allowed for marlin fishing. While some of the early activities have expanded thanks to modern technology, others have also evolved as a result of new supplemental experiences. For example, today, golf-oriented fitness programs facilitate training for the golf courses, which have grown to include three courses with a total of 54 holes. Like fishing and golf, many of the experiences that have been offered since day one have become much more customizable. Sports can be as advanced and strenuous or relaxed and family-friendly as members and guests desire, and that’s also true for the new offerings at Sea Island. One key example is falconry, the sport of hunting with falcons. Kennedy points to falconry as the “oldest new activity” at the resort, meaning that while the sport as a whole dates back many years, it has only recently been introduced to Sea Island. “It can seem intimidating, but we specialize in our Hawk Walk to allow people to familiarize themselves with falconry if they’ve never seen or even thought about it before,” he says. Similar to the introductory Hawk Walks, the highly popular turtle walks also provide an exciting way to learn about animals firsthand. During the summer, guests and members walk along the coastline, where they MORE TO EXPLORE Sea Island holds its roots near and dear, but this doesn’t mean the offerings haven’t evolved since its founding 90 years ago. Today, the resort offers a range of activities that many of the first guests wouldn’t be able to fathom. However, as Director of Recreation Mike Kennedy puts it, “The opportunities are endless. You can find whatever you want, and if you don’t, we are happy to customize to exceed expectations.” The following is a small sampling of newer activities that weren’t originally available back in 1928. • Squash • Kiteboarding • Stand-Up Paddleboarding • Kayak Fishing • Turtle Walk • Paddleboard Yoga • Air Rifle Shooting • Falconry • 54 Holes of Golf (expanded from the original nine holes) Kiteboarding at Sea Island can catch glances of sea turtles laying nests or hatching in the sand. There is also a turtle tour that carries participants in a golf cart. While many of the activities have grown and changed, and new ones are continuously added, the experiences on the Island have always created lifelong memories. “Right from the beginning, people were having a wonderful time here,” Tipton concludes— a trend that is sure to continue for decades to come. m Tennis on the Island then (top) and now (above)

22 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 SOLE SOOTHING THE ANCIENT ART OF REFLEXOLOGY OFFERS BENEFITS FOR BOTH BODY AND MIND. BY ASHLEY BURNETT reflexology, a treatment involving the use of varying pressure on specific points on the feet, hands and ears, has debatable origins. Some say it began in 4,000 B.C. in China, where foot therapy treatments were common, while others say it began in ancient Egypt or was utilized by Native Americans. According to Christine Issel, an expert reflexologist who has written several books on the subject, modern reflexology began with the work of American physicians Dr. William Fitzgerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley in the 1920s, and was later popularized by author and physical therapist Eunice Ingham. Wherever it began, it’s clear that this form of therapy has maintained a strong following, with today’s top spas embracing reflexology in all of its facets. “The primary benefits of reflexology are relaxation and stress reduction,” Issel says. It is this reduction of stress that leads to the rest of the therapy’s purported benefits, with practitioners claiming it can help with everything from soothing tired feet to treating stomach issues. According to Issel, since the 1980s there have been around 300 studies into the benefits of reflexology around the world. Top companies in Denmark have even included the therapy in their employee health programs to assist workers with back problems, headaches and more. “[Reflexology] helps to alleviate many physical and internal conditions,” agrees Cori Arlantico, lead massage therapist at Sea Island, who says it is very helpful for internal digestion, specifically. The service is similar to a massage, but the specific areas that it focuses on are believed to correspond to particular organs and internal systems of the body. Arlantico recommends the treatment to those seeking an alternative to full-body massages, those who are looking for shorter services (reflexology therapy typically takes about 30 to 60 minutes) and anyone who is on their feet all day. At Sea Island, you can get your reflexology fix via the Sole Soother treatment. Guests will have their feet cleansed using a warm towel with compressions. From there, the reflexology therapist will begin a sequence of activating different pressure points and gliding strokes across the feet to induce relaxation and promote physical and internal balance. Mighty Mint Rescue Cream from Naturopathica, which features peppermint and menthol to cool the skin and refresh the senses, is utilized throughout the treatment. For anyone suffering from the ill effects of stress, a little fancy footwork in the form of reflexology might just be the answer—after all, it’s an ancient tradition. m MIND + BODY Reflexology is available at Sea Island via the Sole Soother treatment. AFRICA STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 23 the benefits of working out are doubled when enjoyed as a couple. In fact, an active outing can be a great way to celebrate an anniversary, as it serves as both a healthy date and, possibly, the beginning of a new routine that you can enjoy together for years to come. Regardless of whether you venture out on an exhilarating hike, hit the gym or take a fitness class, the experience will strengthen both your muscles and relationship. Moe Widdi, master trainer at New York Health & Racquet Club, says that the benefits of working out as a couple include improved mood and communication, as well as imbuing partners with more energy to go on more adventures together, creating great memories in the process. “You will find yourself subconsciously associating the good feelings you feel during workouts or post-workout with the individual you train with,” he explains. Sea Island Fitness Instructor Trish Welch adds that in today’s busy world, exercising together helps “carve out quality time” for couples. She notes that most workouts at the resort are great choices for couples, as spin, yoga, strength classes and more can be adapted for pairs. “If it’s a new class, you can also cut down on [the] anxiety of trying something different by experiencing it together. It will also give you something to talk about together afterward,” she says. Widdi says bodyweight exercises are another good choice for couples, whether it’s side-byside pushups, planks and wall-sits, passing a medicine ball back and forth, seesaw lunges or oblique crunches that end with a highfive. These fun, dynamic moves are easy to do GET FIT anywhere and will help get couples started on their new, active routine as a duo. And, by doing them together, you are also more likely to continue the exercise routine. “Who else is better at being one’s cheerleader than your significant other? They’re your teammate, not just through training, but life,” Widdi says. Fitness doesn’t have to be regulated to the gym or classes either, notes Widdi, who also suggests outdoor activities like nature walks and hikes complemented by a nutritious picnic. Such an outing could be a perfect option for a memorable anniversary date. For couples ready to take the plunge, Welch has this advice: “Just do it. Now is always a great time to start. It might take some time to find the classes or the times that work for both of you, but in the end you’ll find it rewarding and definitely worth it.” m The benefits of working out as a couple include improved communication and increased energy. FITNESS FOR TWO WORKING OUT AS A COUPLE PROMOTES STRONG BODIES AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. BY ASHLEY BURNETT

24 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 there is something special about horseback riding. Whether it is the connection riders make with the horse, or with the friends and family that they share the experience with, there is an air of excitement each and every time. For many families, the activity is a brandnew adventure, and that’s part of what makes it so memorable. “It’s unusual for so many families,” explains Allie Zorn, the barn manager, head trainer and owner at the Stables of Frederica on St. Simons Island. “That uniqueness is one thing that makes it enjoyable for all. … Families don’t often get to try something new together.” Horseback riding is also a fantastic way to get out and explore in the open air. Sea Island is known for impressive coastlines, wildlifefilled marshes and shaded wooded areas, all of which can be enjoyed by horseback. The sport has been a prominent part of Sea Island history, with visitors enjoying horseback riding when the resort first opened 90 years ago. Up until 1948, the stables were open seasonally, but that all changed when Marvin Long came to Sea Island. He maintained, managed and operated the stables year-round for nearly six decades, also enlisting the help of his wife, Dot, whom he met at the resort. In addition to riding lessons, guests and members could enjoy trail rides paired with breakfast, lunch or supper, and moonlight beach rides. The stables also hosted an annual horse show for more than 40 years. The project became a family affair—even his children got in on the action, spending much of their childhood on the property. “I grew up at the stables, along with locals and guests and members that would visit throughout the years,” explains daughter Amy Kutrufis. “I worked alongside my father and my mother … who handled the reservations. In 1996, upon my father’s retirement, I became stables manager.” In 2010, Sea Island gave the land where Kutrufis and her father worked, called the Old Stables Corner, to the St. Simons Land Trust, a nonprofit that aims to protect the land from commercial development. A brand-new set of stables, The Stables at Frederica, was built in SADDLE UP HORSEBACK RIDING OPPORTUNITIES AT SEA ISLAND ENCOURAGE FAMILIES TO COME TOGETHER TO EXPERIENCE A UNIQUE BONDING ACTIVITY WHILE EXPLORING THE AREA. BY ASHLEY RYAN FAMILY FIRST Horseback riding options at Sea Island include beach routes, which can be enjoyed by children as young as 10.

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 25 2006 on the north end of St. Simons, offering expanded riding rings, on-site wooded trails and pasture for turnout. These stables, along with a Rainbow Island outpost, offer an exciting array of familyoriented horseback experiences. The beach and marsh trail rides, some of the most popular activities, leave from Rainbow Island. Children ages 10 and older can join family members on a quiet 2-mile beach ride, which crosses the river and the marsh dunes and ends up on the south beach of Sea Island. These rides last for an hour and a half, and allow plenty of bonding time among guests. The marsh is a favorite location for people who want to spot local wildlife, and the horseback marsh ride is one of the most popular ways to venture through the area. Accommodating families with children as young as 7, these adventures offer chances to view birds like heron, osprey and even bald eagles, as well as dolphins. A similar experience can be had on the wooded ride, which leaves from the main stable. This ride, too, allows children as young as 7 to come along, as the winding trails through the majestic oak trees offer a more contained path than the open beach. Riders can spot different animals here, from deer and opossums to many species of birds. Families with younger children should head to the main stables, where 20-minute pony rides are designed as an introduction to horseback riding for kids between the ages of 3 and 10. These guided experiences take little ones near the lake and give them a chance to become acquainted with the friendly ponies. The Stables at Frederica offer a Tiny Tykes Stables Tour as well, geared toward children from 3 to 7 years old who are looking to interact with the animals. While the tour also includes a pony ride around the property, children will first learn how to groom the animals, the best ways to give them treats and where to stand when near a horse. Zorn says they also offer lessons for everything from simply steering and stopping to competing nationally. Some members and guests make it a tradition, coming down to the Island each spring or summer for lessons, then practicing back home as well. She also notes that custom routes can be requested, combining travel to the beaches, marsh and woods for longer rides. While each of these experiences provides ample bonding time for families, there are other benefits as well. She says that horseback riding also improves balance, coordination and dexterity, but that the mental components are just as important, especially for children. With so many skills to be learned and experiences to be had, horseback riding is one of the most memorable adventures you can have as a family at Sea Island. m Horseback riding has been offered at the resort for the past 90 years. HORSE HISTORY Like the stables on St. Simons, equestrian events and venues around the country have storied histories. • When the first Kentucky Derby was held in 1875, there were 10,000 spectators. Last year, in 2017, more than 158,000 attendees sat in the stands. • The FEI World Equestrian Games are held somewhere new every four years, including countries like Sweden, Spain, Italy and France, but the U.S. is the only country (so far) to host two: Lexington, Kentucky, in 2010 and Tryon, North Carolina, in 2018. • Pimlico Race Course, home of the Preakness Stakes race, was built for $25,000 on a piece of land that was purchased for $23,500. A study by the Maryland Stadium Authority estimates that a renovation of the track would now cost upwards of $250 million. • Only 12 horses have ever won the Triple Crown, which is awarded to horses who win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, and only one has been in the last 40 years (American Pharoah in 2015). • The largest margin of victory in the Belmont Stakes horse race was 31 lengths by Secretariat in June 1973. It was the same race in which he was named the winner of the Triple Crown. • Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York, is widely considered the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the U.S., holding its first regulated race in 1863 before the official course was even built. BOTTOM RIGHT: OLGARU79/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

26 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2018 IN THE SWING NO PLACE LIKE HOME FROM BEGINNERS TO THE PGA PLAYERS WHO LIVE AND TRAIN AT SEA ISLAND, THE RESORT OFFERS EXPERIENCES FOR GOLFERS AT EVERY STAGE. BY DALE LEATHERMAN sea Island is known for beautiful seaside vistas and a relaxing atmosphere, but those aren’t the only reasons the area appeals to golfers. With a Golf Performance Center featuring the latest and greatest technology and an array of experienced instructors, it’s one of the best places in the country to train. “We have great facilities now, but we’re on the verge of making them even better,” says Craig Allan, manager and master club fitter at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center. “We’ve broken ground on a new performance center that will be 17,000 square feet—significantly bigger than our current facility—so we’ll have even more indoor training space than we do now. We rarely have days that make it impossible to train outdoors, but sometimes players want to be inside using the latest technology and getting feedback.” The current center is a base for more than 20 professional golfers who train at Sea Island. Over two-thirds also live in the area, and many are raising children, following in the footsteps of Davis Love III and his family. Like Love, many of them enjoy hunting and fishing, and their families are happy with the variety of activities and dining choices at the resort. Countless visitors also spend time at Sea Island learning the game or fine-tuning their golf skills. While the Golf Performance Center debuted in 1991, Allan says that 15 years ago they decided to make it a place where all golfers could have the same experience that PGA TOUR players get. “We recruited experts in all aspects of golf, including Randy Myers, one of the best fitness trainers in the industry,” Allan explains. “Dr. Morris ‘Mo’ Pickens became our sports psychologist/performance specialist. We already had a great lineup of instructors, starting with Jack Lumpkin, who teaches Davis Love III, and Gale Peterson, one of the LPGA’s top 50 teachers. The center had a great clubfitting team, which I was brought in to lead. “In addition to the practice facilities and coaching, players have access to championship courses that host a PGA TOUR event, the RSM Classic, which prepares [professional golfers] Zach Johnson (left) and Davis Love III (right) live, train and play locally.

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 27 for playing on the TOUR,” Allan continues. “We’re also able to offer a special experience to visiting golfers at any level who want to reach their full potential.” Professional golfers are drawn to the camaraderie at Sea Island and the atmosphere of friendly competition, according to Allan. “They push each other to get better and our instructional team pushes them even further,” he says. “It’s great to see guys working out with Randy Myers and egging each other on as they lift weights or stretch. They compete against each other everywhere—in the fitness area, putting, chipping or in little grudge matches out on one of the courses. The percentage of players who make it on the TOUR isn’t high. It’s hard work, and the guys here make it fun and keep it exciting, which helps them stay motivated. When they’re here they seem to have a vested interest in helping each other.” The late Davis Love Jr. moved his family to St. Simons in 1978, when Davis Love III was a teenager. Love returned after college and has lived in the area ever since. “Training at the GPC with Jack Lumpkin, Randy Myers and Craig Allan gives me all the tools I need to stay in shape, rehab injuries and work on my golf game,” Love says. “Five-star facilities and the best teachers prepare me for the TOUR. Having so many other TOUR pros playing and practicing at Sea Island challenges me to get better.” Successful PGA TOUR players like Zach Johnson (winner of the 2007 Masters Tournament and 2015 British Open and a member of the 2016 Ryder Cup team) and Patton Kizzire during the 2017 RSM Classic Hudson Swafford trains at Sea Island. five-time PGA TOUR winner Jonathan Byrd have followed suit and are raising their families on the Island. Now, a new generation of professionals is being drawn to the lifestyle and training opportunities. Among them are Harris English, Hudson Swafford and Patton Kizzire, who won two of his last six starts at press time. Another resident, Keith Mitchell, just graduated from the Tour and is a rookie on the PGA TOUR this year. J.T. Poston is in his second year on the PGA TOUR and has had a couple of top 10 finishes. Sometimes playing in a tournament or working with one of the instructors is an introduction to Sea Island that a player can’t resist. Michael Thompson, who had won the Southeastern Conference championship at the Frederica Golf Club on St. Simons Island in 2008, moved to the Island in recent years. Tour player Josh Teater has also relocated to Sea Island. Allan adds that Brian Harman from Savannah, Georgia, lives on St. Simons now. “When [Harman] was growing up, his parents would give him a lesson with Jack Lumpkin … every year [as a gift]. He joined the PGA TOUR in 2012 and has won twice,” Allan says. “Having a place to train and work on my craft in such a great part of the world is irreplaceable,” Harman says. “You will not find better facilities or a better setting.” No matter the reason, a move or a visit to Sea Island is sure to be a good decision for those looking to train with the pros, especially once the new Golf Performance Center opens in early 2019. m 2018 SUMMER ELITE JUNIOR GOLF SCHOOL This summer, golfers ages 12 to 18 with a handicap of 10 or better have the opportunity to train like the professionals at Sea Island. The weeklong 2018 Summer Elite Junior Golf School is designed to prepare young players to compete at a national level, offering daily on-course instruction, club fitting and equipment analysis, Player Performance Index, video analysis and much more. Participants will receive instruction from renowned instructor Jack Lumpkin, sports psychologist and performance specialist Dr. Morris Pickens, Sea Island Director of Fitness Randy Myers and PGA professionals Daniel Gray and Jared Zak. DATES: June 19-23 and 26-30, July 24-28 DAILY SCHEDULE: Tuesday - Saturday 9 a.m. - noon: Instruction Noon - 1 p.m.: Lunch with instructors 1-4 p.m.: Practice and instruction on the course FOR MORE DETAILS: performance-center/instruction/juniors