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  • Fighting Food Insecurity

Sea Island Company, Anschutz Foundation pledge support to fight against food insecurity

Prior to the start of the 2021 school year, The Anschutz Foundation and the Sea Island Company agreed to focus on a way to support the needs within our community. After meeting with multiple organizations, we determined that food insecurity for children would be first on our list. In just our 10 Glynn County Elementary Schools alone there are over 4,000 children impacted by food insecurity. By bringing together Glynn County Schools with our local foodbank, America’s Second Harvest, we agreed that Sea Island Company and The Anschutz Foundation would sponsor a food program. This program would focus on making meals available every day of the week during the school year for any child and their family in all elementary, middle, and high schools in Glynn County. With an estimated $50,000 per year commitment, and the opportunity to adjust as needed, this program was rolled out on September 1st. The feedback we have received from the school system has been outstanding. We have provided over 2,000 meals to date and we will continue to do so for years to come.

The program we rolled out through the schools has been successful but it didn’t address the summer months as well as other periods when the schools shut down. To address this issue, The Anschutz Foundation committed to a donation of $500,000 as a matching grant with our community. They would pay $500,000 if our community raised $500,000. These funds would go towards building out and renovating our local Second Harvest building to include a commercial kitchen. A kitchen would provide our community with hot meals throughout the year and the ability to distribute them to more locations in our area. In addition to the kitchen are plans for a larger warehouse that would provide opportunities for volunteers to feed, pack boxes, and increase the distribution scope. The community raised the $500,000, The Anschutz Foundation committed their $500,000, and the Department of Community Affairs awarded Second Harvest with a $3,476,000 grant. This grant exceeded the original ask from Second Harvest and has enabled them to purchase a larger building. Renovation of the new building will begin this year and our community will have a local food bank capable of serving high volume hot and canned meals locally and to the surrounding counties.