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Meet Scout and Owlivia

Scout Picks His Name

After taking submissions of names through a contest on social media, the list was culled from hundreds down to six. We allowed Scout to choose his name and the rest was history.

Scout, Eurasian Eagle Owl

Scout joined our Falconry team in 2018 as an fledgling.

  • The Eurasian eagle-owl is one of the largest owl species in the world, with a wingspan of nearly two meters.
  • Eurasian eagle-owls prey on mammals up to the size of rabbits or young deer, and will also take large birds such as herons.
  • Scout’s call is described as a deep, booming ‘ooo-hu’.
  • Captive owls have been known to live for up to 60 years.

Owlivia, Eastern Screen Owl

Owlivia joined our Falconry team in 2018 as a four year old.

  • The Eastern screech owl is one of the smallest species in the world, weighing 130-200 grams.
  • Owlivia eat a variety of prey including insects, rodents, birds and reptiles. Owlivia loves to catch fiddler crabs!
  • Eastern screech owls have two color morphs. Gray, like Owlivia, and red.
  • When frightened, screech owls go into “stick mode” where they stand up tall and slowly sway attempting to appear like a stick blowing in the wind.
  • Owlivia rarely screeches, but rather emit a soft trill.

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