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6 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Spring and summer on the Island are defined by sunny days and outdoor fun, with activities ranging from serene to exhilarating. Best of all, many of the most popular experiences can be either, or a bit of both, depending on how you choose to enjoy them. For example, fishing can be action-packed or relaxed thanks to the wide variety of options and locations available. From casting off The Cloister dock to taking the Contender far offshore, discover what you might reel in on page 44. The same is true of flying kites: Colorful, single-string contraptions bring joy to all ages, while those seeking more of a thrill might opt for stunt kites or even try kiteboarding. Whichever appeals to you, our open stretch of beach features a refreshing sea breeze that makes it the perfect setting for kites of all types (page 24). When it comes to pool days at the resort, there’s an ideal place for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a restful retreat or an exciting afternoon with the whole family, on page 20, you’ll find all the details you need to locate your perfect swimming, splashing or reading spot. For an oceanfront experience, don’t miss the new pool located at The Lodge. You can learn more about the many new enhancements at The Lodge, and how the boutique hotel has evolved over time, on page 86. The Lodge is also now home to six new cottages, which encourage everyone to spend time outside thanks to their front porches offering beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Porches have a long history of serving as gathering places for families, friends and neighbors, particularly in the South (page 38). Whether you relax with a bourbon cocktail (page 48) or a glass of sweet tea, there’s something about sipping it on the porch that makes the experience feel distinctly Southern. For golfers, the most exciting development on the Island is sure to be our brand-new Golf Performance Center. The 17,000-square-foot space is a top destination for all players, from novice to pro, who are looking to improve their skills. It combines industry-leading technology with insight from worldrenowned golf instructors, such as putting specialist Phil Kenyon (page 26). The on-site experts take a personalized approach, which reflects one of the biggest trends in the golf world; you can read more about the move toward customized golf experiences and equipment on page 56. Whether you’re here for the golf or the pool, seeking thrills or a peaceful escape, we hope your visit will be made up of moments that are perfectly personalized this season. Sincerely, Scott Steilen President and CEO, Sea Island Welcome to Sea Island! WELCOME

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8 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 34. 38. 44. 48. 52. 56. 60. 64. 68. PERFECTLY PICKLED The ancient art of preserving fresh produce is more popular than ever. By Amber Lanier Nagle SIT AND STAY AWHILE Resurgence of the porch puts focus back on simpler times, when the alfresco space was the center of festivity with family and friends. By Jessica Farthing FROM DOCK TO DEEP SEA With an abundant ecosystem, coastal Georgia takes the bait for some of the best fishing anywhere in the country. By Joe Rada THE BOURBON REVIVAL A century after Prohibition, America’s native spirit is enjoying a resurgence. By Larry Olmsted SONG OF THE SOUTH The region’s rich musical heritage dates back hundreds of years, painting an ever-changing picture about how life in the South has evolved over time. By Ashley Ryan UNIQUELY YOURS Whether you want to improve your game, show off your individual style or do a bit of both, personalized golf gear and experiences are the key to making the sport your own. By Dale Leatherman FRESH CELEBRATIONS From the smallest details to grand installations, greenery is bringing a natural look to weddings. By Michelle Franzen Martin WINE ON THE RISE Red blends are gaining popularity as winemakers and consumers alike look for creative new combinations of innovative varietals. By Michelle Franzen Martin PICKING UP POPULARITY As more players of all ages try their hand at pickleball, the sport continues to grow—on the Golden Isles and beyond. By Ashley Ryan 34 48 56 TOP: JULIA SUDNITSKAYA/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM; BOTTOM LEFT: COURTESY OF TRACKMAN Contents | Features Spring/Summer 2019

RSM US LLP is the U.S. member firm of RSM International, a global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms. Visit for more information regarding RSM US LLP and RSM International. It takes an entire community of dedicated people to put on a PGA TOUR event like The RSM Classic. Over the past ten years, The Golden Isles community has made this tournament a tremendous success. Together, we’ve raised more than $13 million dollars for charity, including supporting Birdies Fore Love, the Special Olympics and the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia. So from everyone at RSM, thank you. We look forward to many more years of this wonderful partnership. Thank you, Golden Isles. Because of your support over the last 10 years, everybody wins.

10 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 WELCOME LETTER SEASONAL FLAVORS: TOMATO TIME Whether you label it as a fruit or a vegetable, there’s no doubt that this mouthwatering piece of produce is a longtime staple in Southern cooking. LIBATIONS: BY THE GLASS Specifically designed glassware can enhance the drinking experience, and even the flavor, of particular libations. SOUTHERN STYLE: RETRO REVIVAL Tie-dye has returned with an elegant twist, and is being hailed as one of this year’s major fashion trends. OUTWARD BOUND: THE PERFECT POOL DAY From fun family venues to peaceful retreats, the pool experiences at Sea Island offer something for everyone. MIND + BODY: BEST FOOT FORWARD Specific experiences at The Spa at Sea Island focus on toes and soles for healthy, sandal-ready feet. GET FIT: FIND THE RIGHT FIT Experts weigh in on the pros and cons of full-body exercises versus split workout routines. FAMILY FIRST: NEW HEIGHTS Wind, water and wide-open beachfront make Sea Island sublimely suited for flying kites of all types. 6. 14. 16. 18. 20. 22. 23. 24. IN THE SWING: PUTT LIKE THE PROS Phil Kenyon, Sea Island’s director of putting instruction, shares tips for improving your short game and making the most of the new offerings at the Golf Performance Center. ON THE ISLE: PICTURE PERFECT Friends of #SeaIsland have made these eye-catching scenes our top 10 most photographed spots on Instagram. FAVORITE THINGS: FAMILY TRADITIONS From childhood memories to adult celebrations, Sea Island holds a certain magic for families at all stages. HISTORY: TEST OF TIME Local historical structures built with resilient tabby offer a unique opportunity to learn about the past. EXPERIENCE SEA ISLAND This guide includes what’s new, dates to save and other Island notes. EXPERIENCE THE BROADMOOR Learn about our sister property, The Broadmoor, and discover its news and latest events. THEN AND NOW: HOSPITALITY UPGRADE From unrivaled golf experiences to new accommodations, the recent enhancements at The Lodge will make all feel right at home. 26. 28. 30. 32. 70. 74. 86. 24 SPRING/SUMMER 2019 SEA Island LIFE PERFECT POOL DAY WHERE TO GO TO RELAX OR SPLASH NEW HEIGHTS FAMILY FUN WITH KITES OF ALL TYPES SONG OF THE SOUTH THE EVOLUTION OF REGIONAL MUSIC FC_SI13.indd 1 3/8/19 8:47 AM THE NEW OCEANFRONT POOL AT THE LODGE; LEARN ABOUT MORE SWIMMING SPOTS ON PAGE 20. Contents | Departments Spring/Summer 2019

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14 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 As the seasons shift and the summer sunshine pours onto our slice of the Georgia coastline, perfectly ripe vegetables start to appear in markets and home gardens. Plants typically respond to the changing of the season with abundance: Herbs burst with fragrant leaves, yellow squash stretches out from its vine and lattices hang with the heavy burden of plump, red tomatoes. For many Southern cooks, few crops exemplify this time of year more than a tomato. Growing up, my mother’s kitchen counter held piles of her garden’s yield. We ate fresh fruit and vegetables all week, but Friday night dinners during the summer were special. To go with her fried chicken, potato salad and pickled peaches, she would prepare a platter of sliced tomatoes with crisp cucumbers, dusting each with a light covering of salt and pepper. Our family approached that day with reverence, and there were never any leftovers. Quality control was important. It was a rule that the tomatoes were never placed in the refrigerator, as they would lose that “from the garden” flavor. In the Forbes Five-Star Georgian Room, Chef de Cuisine Aaron Bellizzi appreciates the same simplicity. “During the summertime, when tomatoes are in season, we pair corn, stone fruits [such as peaches and plums] and herbs,” Bellizzi says, adding that these ingredients help to balance the flavor. “A lot of times, we try to keep it simple. Maldon sea salt, Espelette pepper—[which is] a prized dried French pepper—and a little bit of black pepper [and] olive oil is fantastic.” Though the eatery is far from a casual family kitchen, the Georgian Room maintains a warm, inviting environment that makes diners feel right at home. The food is the star every evening and, in the summer months, tomatoes play an important role on the menu, dotting everything from petite salads to more complex dishes, sauces and accompaniments. The traditional ways that tomatoes are prepared, in which they are treated much more like a vegetable than a fruit, often leads to confusion about what exactly a tomato is. Fruits are carriers of seeds, tasked with starting new plants. A tomato, along with cucumbers, peppers and avocados, has seeds buried in its juicy interior ready to propagate the plant. Yet, its classification is regularly a source of debate. The Supreme Court even weighed in on the issue in 1893: In Nix v. Hedden, Manhattan wholesalers John Nix & Co. wanted to avoid a new tariff on imported vegetables and cited KAISKYNET STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Tomato Time Whether you label it as a fruit or a vegetable, there’s no doubt that this mouthwatering piece of produce is a longtime staple in Southern cooking. By Jessica Farthing SEASONAL FLAVORS

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 15 BOTTOM: ANSLEY WEST RIVERS the scientific reason. The court responded that tomatoes weren’t eaten or prepared as fruits, and that the company should pay its tax. Since that time, organizations have referred back to the case as a guideline. Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies tomatoes as vegetables, although Tennessee and Ohio have both declared it the official state fruit. Fruit versus vegetable dispute aside, families in the South have always looked toward local markets, fruit stands and gardens for fresh produce, including tomatoes, and the same is true of the chefs at Sea Island. At Broadfield, A Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge, herbs and vegetables are sourced from the on-site garden, and at the Georgian Room, chefs rely heavily on seasonal ingredients to create the menu. Bellizzi ties it into their whole philosophy toward food. “We look to the local farmers—what they are growing,” he says. “That’s normally our approach. We will work to source at exactly the right time of year, at their peak point of ripeness.” This appreciation for the freshest ingredients supports local farmers like Rafe Rivers. He and his wife, Ansley, own and operate Canewater Farm, along with Farm Manager Brendan Gannon and the rest of the crew. A certified organic farm using sustainable methods in Darien, Georgia, Canewater is able to provide a variety of produce to restaurants, retail stores and farmers markets, including the Georgian Room. Tomatoes, though, have been challenging. “Tomatoes are probably the trickiest crop to grow on the Georgia coast, organically, in large production,” Rivers says. In an effort to enhance pest control and prevent disease, the farm utilizes hoop houses. These 30- by 100-foot buildings allow the tomatoes to be grown right out in the field, but with protection. Walls can be raised or lowered to keep out the elements. While in the hoop house, the plants are trained up a string connected to the ceiling. “By the end of the summer, we’re harvesting tomatoes on ladders with 15-foot … plants,” Rivers says. “It’s amazing.” The fresh picks are in high demand, as the tomato is particularly integral to Southern cuisine. Tomato pie, tomato gravy and chow-chow, a sweet and spicy garden relish, frequently make an appearance in Southern kitchens. In the 1950s, home chefs often folded tomato and gelatin into ornate molds for a tomato aspic. Tomatoes also serve a unique function for another popular regional dish, neutralizing some of the slime associated with cooking okra. Some traditional favorites are even more simple, such as tomatoes thickly sliced and placed on fresh white bread with a spread of mayo, or even added to a burger fresh from the grill. Whatever your favorite tomato preparation is, this is the time to enjoy it, as nothing beats perfectly ripe, in-season produce. m Tart and Tasty AARON BELLIZZI, CHEF DE CUISINE AT THE FORBES FIVE-STAR GEORGIAN ROOM, SHARES AN EASY RECIPE FOR A DELICIOUS TART THAT HE PAIRS WITH THE RESTAURANT’S TOMATO SALAD. Heirloom Tomato Tart Servings: 1 tart 1 (4- by 1 ½-inch) piece frozen puff pastry Tomato vinaigrette (recipe follows) Marinated cherry tomatoes, sliced Picked thyme leaves, to taste Partially defrost the frozen puff pastry, then use a lattice roller to punch holes in the dough; if a lattice roller is not available, a fork can be used as well. After prep, brush the dough with the tomato vinaigrette. Place four slices of marinated cherry tomatoes on top, then put thyme leaves on top of the tomatoes. Bake at 350 degrees F until golden brown. Tomato Vinaigrette 6 plum tomatoes, quartered 2 cloves garlic, sliced 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 2 sprigs thyme leaves 2 tablespoons Champagne vinegar Salt and pepper, to taste In a large mixing bowl, combine the tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt and thyme leaves. Roast ingredients in the oven at 300 degrees F for 30 to 40 minutes. Once cooked, blend on high to emulsify. Add the Champagne vinegar and, if needed, additional olive oil. Use a fine-mesh strainer to catch any clumps, then season with salt and pepper. Heirloom tomato tart, the Forbes Five-Star Georgian Room’s take on a Southern classic, tomato pie Tomatoes growing at Canewater Farm

16 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 From her vantage point behind the bar at the Georgian Room Lounge, Lead Bartender Erica Gantt reaps the rewards of her work as she watches guests’ eyes follow one of her elaborate cocktails as it makes its way across the lounge to the intended imbiber. “What’s that drink?” they ask, intrigued by the presentation, and ultimately ordering it for its look alone. She knows what attracts them to a particular beverage. It’s the same thing that comes to mind when guests reminisce about a memorable cocktail they once had, and ask if she could re-create it. Often, they don’t remember what spirits or muddled fruits and herbs were combined to make the drink they so enjoyed. What they do remember, most vividly, is the vessel the cocktail arrived in. “I’ve always known glassware to be something special,” Gantt says. That’s why she keeps a registry of cocktail recipes that includes the type of glassware the cocktail was served in. Louis Dachis, owner of Ace Spirits, a liquor retailer and online shop based in Hopkins, Minnesota, understands the appeal. “I have some pretty strong feelings about glassware,” he says. “Remembering my experience at Laphroaig, while drinking Laphroaig from a Laphroaig glass, is a huge part of my enjoyment.” Dachis believes there is a science behind the design of cocktail glasses—that they can enhance not only the drinking experience, but the aroma and taste of the beverage as well: “I’ve heard theories about the tight, tuliped Glencairn [glass] and how it serves to perfectly deliver the whiskey to the taster.” The Mini Cat coupe glass features a straw shaped like a winding tail. LIBATIONS By the Glass Specifically designed glassware can enhance the drinking experience, and even the flavor, of particular libations. By Jennifer Walker-Journey

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 17 The Under the Sea cocktail has a texture similar to sea foam and is served in the Sea Urchin glass. In fact, Austria-based glassware company Riedel built a reputation on similar claims. Years ago, the company revolutionized wine drinking by carefully designing glasses for specific varietals with the idea that distinct shapes would not only provide a superior nosing, but also direct the wine to the exact location on the palate to give the most optimal initial taste. When Riedel ventured into making cocktail glasses that offer distinct benefits to spirits drinkers, the company created the Bar Drink Specific Glassware collection, giving careful attention to the size, shape, volume and capacity for ice for six classic cocktail glasses. For example, the highball and rocks glasses are made to accommodate both the standard ice cube as well as large-format ice, and the fizz glass was made to perfectly capture the frothy and pillowy “push pop” head of foam at the top without it spilling over the rim. Even the sour glass is designed to deliver the strong flavor profile to the tip of the tongue, where the cocktail can be most enjoyed. The subtle details of the classic cocktail glassware may go unnoticed by the average imbiber. But some drinking vessels—like cocktails themselves—seem to scream for attention. That unexpected touch is the kind of thing that turns heads and leaves an impression in members’ and guests’ minds, Gantt says. The Sea Urchin glass is a prime example: It’s a clear, spiny orb that looks impossible to hold but somehow balances on its bottom spikes when set atop a table. It’s the vessel for the Under the Sea cocktail that is served in the Georgian Room Lounge. The “edible” cocktail is made with whipped egg whites and sprinkled with Pop Rocks candy, giving it a “bubbly texture almost like sea foam,” she says. The Georgian Room Lounge’s seasonal Manhattan is also served in a remarkable contraption called the Sherlock Pipe cup. As its name suggests, the vessel is shaped like a calabash gourd pipe (Sherlock Holmes’ preferred smoking device) with a wide bowl and a thin tube rising up from its base. The beverage can either be enjoyed straight from the bowl, or sipped from the pipe end. Gantt even infuses cherry tobacco smoke into the cocktail to round out the smoking pipe effect. Another favorite vessel seen at the resort is the Mini Cat coupe, which features a straw shaped like a winding tail. This coupe makes a great delivery system for tropical rum drinks, layered beverages and Nana’s Cobbler, another cocktail that is served at the lounge, which is crafted with homemade fruit cobbler. “It’s part of bar culture to serve cocktails in traditional bar glasses that people know, but it’s nice when you can throw in something that makes people laugh while they enjoy their cocktail,” Gantt says. “The vessel makes an impression.” Dachis agrees: “As with food, presentation is a huge part of cocktail appreciation. If you’re looking for an artful cocktail … glassware, of course, impacts that experience in a visceral way.” m The Manhattan at the Georgian Room Lounge is served in the Sherlock Pipe cup. Glencairn glass TOP RIGHT: SCRUGGELGREEN/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

18 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Fashion powerhouses are throwing it back to the 1960s, with tie-dye resurfacing as this year’s prominent trend on runways and beyond. This style joins other blasts from the past, such as neon, fringe, mismatched prints and flatform sandals. With the likes of Prada, Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler and other renowned designers adorning models with the retro tye-dye fabric, there’s no question that the look is back, while also offering more high-end silhouettes as compared to the styles of yesteryear. “Fashion is cyclical so, eventually, everything comes back around,” explains Kam Thomas Throckmorton of Atlanta-based personal styling company Glam Kam. And when trends do come back, they’re often given a modern touch to fit with today’s market. In that regard, contemporary tiedye pieces are incorporating luxurious elements such as elegant fabrics like silks and cashmeres, classy color combinations and surprising shapes, going far beyond the stereotypical surfer-inspired T-shirt. “You will see every variation of color and color combos in tie-dye on the runway, but sticking to one color keeps it feeling more sophisticated,” Throckmorton notes. But the beauty of this trend is that whether you choose to don a single hue or take cues from the runway and wrap yourself in the entire rainbow, you will certainly appear vibrantly stylish. Another advantage of a fashionable pattern is that you can find pieces in virtually every shape. “You will see it all, from crop tops to structured blazers and every fabric, but I like the fabric to have a look of luxury and a summer vibe,” Throckmorton says. “… I also like silhouettes with a lot of movement, so a great maxi dress that has a great flow [is my ideal piece].” The tie-dye trend is ideal for summer, and pairing it with pieces that have boho chic flair is an easy way to match this style with the season. But this colorful print isn’t limited to just the sunny summer months, as it can just as easily be made into heavier pieces to wear in the midst of spring showers as well as in cooler climates. “As with any trend, be intentional with it,” Throckmorton says about incorporating tie-dye into your everyday wear. “Don’t do it just because it’s a trend, but also don’t avoid it if it’s something that intrigues you.” So try some tie-dye on for size—whether you keep it simple or go bold, you are sure to make a statement. m SOUTHERN STYLE ROLLER RABBIT V-NECK MID-LENGTH DRESS, $195 (EVERYTHINGBUTWATER.COM) Retro Revival Tie-dye has returned with an elegant twist, and is being hailed as one of this year’s major fashion trends. By Ashley Probst Sea Island offers a seasonal tiedye program for children and their families to enjoy together. This class is held on the Beach Club lawn during the spring on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m., as well as the summer months on Wednesdays and Sundays, also at 3:30 p.m. The resort’s Junior Staff team members wrap and dye T-shirts to create spiral, striped or bull’s-eye patterns in the colors of their choosing. Participants get to take home their shirt as a fun reminder of their visit, along with special washing instructions to keep them beautiful and bright. Create and Play


20 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 If your idea of the perfect pool day looks more Zen than zany, there’s a pool for you at Sea Island. Or, if your favorite vacation photo features choreographed, midair jumps into a pool filled with splashing kids while teens are Instagramming their many trips down the 20-foot waterslide nearby, there’s a pool for you, too. With seven pools dotting the property, and another 5 pristine miles of private Georgia coastline to explore, members and guests at Sea Island will not have any trouble finding the ideal way to soak up the sun near the water. Whether it’s a shady lounge chair at the adult pool with nothing but the sound of sea gulls overhead, or a trip to the family pool, where the day’s soundtrack will be filled with merriment, there are plenty of poolside adventures to be had. Each swimming area has its own personality, guaranteeing an experience to match your mood and expectations. No matter where you choose to plant yourself, you’ll find piles of fluffy beach towels, poolside dining options and plenty of umbrellas to keep your drinks cool. Making a Splash At the family pool, a 115,000-gallon zero-entry pool located in the heart of the Beach Club near the Atlantic ocean, newer swimmers and their watchful parents will love the warm water and adjoining splash pad. The big pool is heated to a comfortable 82 degrees so kids can stay active for hours. The Beach Club also boasts an expansive lawn, perfect for sunbathing and children’s activities, with a sandbox and accompanying playground. Just a hop, skip and a jump away at the Beach Club is the bridge pool, a 105,000-gallon free-form pool with a curving, waterparkstyle slide that winds 20 feet before releasing participants into the water. Even the hardest-to-please kids of all ages will break out in a wide smile after a few trips down the enclosed slide. Another notable feature of this pool is the bridge from which it gets its name, offering sprawling views of the pool area and the ocean beyond. The inviting hot tub on the pool deck is another option, easy to climb in and out of, with plenty of bench room for serious soaking. After working up an appetite, swimmers can order off the menu at the Snack Shack, enjoying burgers and sandwiches on a terrace overlooking the pool, or delivered poolside to the family basecamp. Those looking to enjoy a sweet treat can also visit Wonderland, a magical spot offering milkshakes, sundaes and more than 20 different types of hand-dipped The Beach Club is the perfect place to gather with the family, offering multiple pool experiences complete with a splash pad and a slide. OUTWARD BOUND The Perfect Pool Day From fun family venues to peaceful retreats, the pool experiences at Sea Island offer something for everyone. By Sue G. Collins

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 21 ice cream. It also serves fresh-brewed coffee, should mom and dad need a pick-me-up. “Chicken tenders, grilled cheese and [virgin] strawberry daiquiris are top-sellers for the kiddos,” says Anne Harvey, Beach Club food and beverage manager, who works alongside the chefs to keep dining options fresh and delicious. “Our other favorite picks are the fish or shrimp tacos and burgers. For beverages, our daiquiris, the Sea Island Iced Tea and the Summer Bri’s, made with cucumber gin, are very popular.” To ramp up the fun factor, the resort hosts many different activities at the pools that are carefully designed for various age groups. “The programming is highlighted by a few very popular events,” says Daniel Whitford, the activities and programming manager at Sea Island. “One of our favorites is the family pool games, hosted every Sunday, Memorial Day through Labor Day, [at the bridge pool] at 1 p.m. We get creative and everyone has a blast.” Rest and Relaxation If your pile of beach-reads tends to tower, the adult-only pool, also located at the Beach Club, is the perfect landing place for a quiet day of uninterrupted reading. The unparalleled level of service and amenities will enhance the already memorable and relaxing experience. Gorgeous locker rooms are located near this special pool as well, complete with a steam room and showers. For couples or small groups who prefer the ultimate in luxury and convenience, air-conditioned cabanas are located on the adult deck, and can be reserved on a daily basis. These oases include fully stocked refrigerators, 55-inch flat-screen televisions, beautifully furnished sitting areas and private bathrooms. Reservations can be made through the on-site concierge, who will help design a customized day that you’ll want to write home about. Here, hourly amenities, complimentary sunscreen and magazines are simply a small part of the magic. Elsewhere at Sea Island, other swimming areas offer additional places to relax. At The Cloister, the smaller adult pool will align with members and guests who prefer a laid-back experience; the setting is beautiful, with the pool overlooking the Black Banks River. Similarly, The Lodge, which is situated among Sea Island’s championship golf courses and just a few minutes’ drive from The Cloister, also has a quieter pool scene. This new BOTTOM: MATTHEW TURLEY The new pool at The Lodge just opened at the end of last year. Inside one of the Beach Club cabanas Unwind at the adult-only pool at The Cloister. swimming area just opened at the end of last year, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and St. Simons Island’s stunning sunsets. Spagoers will find even more peaceful pool settings. In addition to a relaxing garden atrium, a eucalyptus-infused steam room and a dry sauna, The Spa at Sea Island has plenty of water in which to unwind. Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms contain serene soaking tubs where visitors can enjoy mineral baths. There is also a water atrium that offers a hydrotherapy pool, and the Fitness Center includes a heated indoor lap pool. Because these spaces feature age restrictions, adults can enjoy a deeper level of rest and relaxation. With playful places for kids to splash and serene oases offering endless tranquility, spending the day poolside at Sea Island is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit. m

22 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 PAISIT TEERAPHATSAKOOL/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM From walking along the sandy beach to climbing into a kayak or hopping on horseback, healthy, happy feet help you make the most of your visit to Sea Island. After a long day of exploring, nothing feels better than a little foot pampering, and The Spa at Sea Island offers signature services designed to treat toes and soles with the care they deserve. Protecting and nourishing your feet is important for a variety of reasons, according to Sea Island Lead Stylist Sarah LaFalce. “Keeping nails trimmed down helps to prevent ingrown toenails and cleaning underneath the nail bed helps to prevent fungus,” she says. “Keeping heels in top shape can prevent calluses from getting out of control and becoming dry and cracked.” Set aside an hour for Sea Island’s Fancy Feet pedicure, and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The session begins with a mandarin-scented foot soak to soften and detox. This is followed by trimming the nails, filing, cuticle removal, heel smoothing and a sugar salt scrub to exfoliate. Feet are then treated to an anti-aging shea butter massage mixed with a Zents scented body oil. “Guests have a choice of warm vanilla with blood orange and amber, mandarin with ginger and saffron, or a scent called Ore, which is a mixture of clove and jasmine,” LaFalce says. Feet are then wrapped in hot towels after being treated with a concreta, a thick hydrating balm that helps to seal in moisture. “After the hot towels are removed, we massage the legs and feet, then we add the polish,” she says of the finishing touches. Another treatment, the Foot Quench, is an add-on that can be applied to almost any massage. It begins with a dry exfoliation from the ankle down. “We do this with an antibacterial, antimicrobial mitt called Supracor,” says Cori Arlantico, the spa’s treatment manager. After the exfoliation, the feet are massaged with Mighty Mint Rescue Cream. “It’s made by Naturopathica and contains menthol and [horse] chestnut to help overworked feet,” Arlantico says. Finally, feet are wrapped in hot towels. “It’s a nice service for feet that are fatigued from traveling,” she explains. Arlantico notes that foot massages are beneficial for stimulating circulation and helping with inflammation. “The feet are sometimes neglected, but keeping them in good shape year-round is something that we can all do to benefit our overall wellness,” she says. m MIND + BODY Best Foot Forward Specific experiences at The Spa at Sea Island focus on toes and soles for healthy, sandal-ready feet. By Stephanie Kalina-Metzger Foot massages stimulate circulation and can help reduce inflammation.

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 23 People often go to a workout with a particular approach in mind, such as a full-body routine, or intentionally targeting specific body parts during their session. The latter is known as a “split workout,” which involves focusing on a few muscle groups on certain days. For instance, Mondays and Wednesdays may be leg day, while Tuesdays and Thursdays might focus on the upper body. This trend has led to some scratching of heads and a bit of confusion as to which workout is better—split, or whole-body. Sea Island Fitness Operations and Training Supervisor Tom Hemmings says it depends on the goals of the individual. “If the main goal is to gain mass, then they are going to stick to more of a split routine to fulfill strength or power goals,” he says, adding that full-time trainers are on-site to consult with individuals to determine what routines will work best for them. Hemmings is currently training a client whose goal was to increase strength and muscle mass. Now, the client wants to decrease overall body weight, which called for a change in the routine. “With this change there is a greater need to incorporate total body movements and cardiovascular components to ensure that the client’s goals are obtained in the most effective way possible,” he says. Dr. Scott Schreiber, owner of MN Spine and Sport, says that split routines are great for those who are interested in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, or rehabilitating an injury. However, the whole-body routine offers unique benefits. “Our body functions as one unit, so separating it into specific parts can be a disservice,” he says. “Full-body training has also been shown to burn calories and fat faster than isolated exercises, so if you have weight/ fat loss goals, I suggest full-body training.” Scott Burgett, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, agrees, adding that full-body sessions are more effective for teaching good movement patterns because they simulate day-to-day actions more effectively. “Full-body training teaches the body to use several muscle groups at once, which is better for overall health,” Burgett explains. Whatever workout you think is right for you, Sea Island trainers are there to help, from assessing your individual needs with a movement analysis to determining your body mass index and listening to your objectives so that you can continue your workout after returning home. “Whether you’re a professional athlete, or someone who just wants to benefit from a personalized plan, we are available to work with you to help you achieve your goals,” Hemmings says. ❍ GET FIT Split routines focus on specific muscle groups. Find the Right Fit Experts weigh in on the pros and cons of full-body exercises versus split workout routines. By Stephanie Kalina-Metzger Pilates offers a full-body workout.

24 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 FAMILY FIRST New Heights Wind, water and wide-open beachfront make Sea Island sublimely suited for flying kites of all types. By Nancy Dorman-Hickson Sunny spring and summer days on the Island encourage families to gather outdoors, where gentle breezes are ready and waiting to lift kites into the open sky. With its picturesque setting, there are numerous opportunities for flying kites of all varieties at Sea Island. Sometimes the choice is to use the most familiar type of kites from childhood—simple, singleline wonders. These colorful contraptions are available from the Sea Island Surf Shop at the Beach Club. Because of the Island’s plentiful trees, the optimum place to launch a kite is the wide-open space of the beach, wind provided. Drop by the Sailing Center to ask staff about tips and pointers on getting a kite launched. “Because we always have a … [sea breeze], we can fly kites on the beach pretty much every day of the year,” says Water Sports Manager Gavin Earl. “The resort’s 5 miles of beach provide a lot of room for kites. Sometimes, we will head down to the south end of the Island. There, we’ll have over 250 feet of wide-open beach with no one around.” Now, members and guests at Sea Island can experience the area in a whole new way thanks to the addition of kiteboarding and stunt kiting to the Beach Club Sailing Center’s offerings. Stunt kiting is a great sport for all ages. Instructors teach the basics of kite flying as well as reading a wind window, the area of the sky in which a kite will be able to soar. Stunt kites differ from the familiar one-line kites; two or more lines provide more control and Classic single-string kites are fun for all ages.

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 25 mobility. “The lines give you a way of maneuvering the kite up and down the beach and of doing tricks with it, like making it spin on a single axis and doing inverted maneuvers and box formations,” Earl says. These kites are also much stronger than one-string versions. “You can crash them and they just pop right back up,” he says. Some are made in a weave that incorporates smaller fibers with larger ones to create squares of reinforced fiber that resist tearing. Others are crafted from foil. “There’s not really any permanent structure to the foil ones,” he explains. “The wind is actually the structure.” When not being flown, foil kites crumple into what resembles a bag of clothes. He recalls a recent memorable stunt kiting adventure at Sea Island with a father and his two kids. “The dad was an experienced stunt kite flier, but hadn’t done it in 15 years,” Earl says. That day, “he was like a rock star, zigzagging back and forth. His kids were totally impressed.” That’s the type of experience that makes stunt kiting a family memory in the making. “Watching a father wrap his arms around his kid, helping him hold two lines and teaching him how to fly a kite is really special,” Earl says. Kawika Lau is hands-on while stunt kiting with his 9-year-old son, Kainoa. “We’ll fly stunt kites together for hours,” Lau says. “I’m a big advocate of anything that gets kids off video games and outside. Kids find it fun because these kites actually do stuff.” He appreciates how Sea Island’s physical attributes enhance the activity. “Most of Kite landboarding is a recent addition to the activities at Sea Island. Bottom: Stunt kites have multiple strings, which provide more control and mobility. the beaches I’ve been to don’t have enough space and are packed with people,” he says. “Sea Island has a good, wide-open beach.” He adds that stunt kiting can be as vigorous as you want it to be: “You can set it to muscle you around a bit, or you can dial it down.” Sometimes, while his son flies a stunt kite, Lau kiteboards. “Kiteboarding is like the next level of stunt kiting,” Earl says. “It’s an all-around body workout. It requires a fair amount of upper body strength. And then you have to have leg strength to be able to balance on the board. It’s just a battle with the wind.” The kite for kiteboarding has roughly an 8-foot wingspan. A wakeboard or skimboard is used to glide across the water. “We do a lot of beach training, learning the wind window,” Earl says. “We’ll go over how to rig up the lines and your safety stops.” How quickly someone grasps kiteboarding concepts varies; only then does the lesson move to the water. Lau notes Sea Island’s kite-friendly natural features for this as well. “You can kiteboard anywhere that there is wind and water, but that doesn’t make it good for lessons,” he says. The shallow shore line at Sea Island, however, provides a comfortable classroom. “If you get pulled off your board, you can just stand up.” Whether you choose simple single-string kiting, stunt kiting or kiteboarding, Sea Island provides the perfect setting for families to harness the power of wind, and fit everyone’s idea of fun in the sun. m OPPOSITE PAGE: BLUEORANGE STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

26 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Putt Like the Pros Phil Kenyon, Sea Island’s director of putting instruction, shares tips for improving your short game and making the most of the new offerings at the Golf Performance Center. By Judd Spicer Xxxxxxx Named Sea Island’s director of putting instruction in May 2018, Phil Kenyon is one of the world’s preeminent putting experts, and his client list includes many well-known professional golfers. Having worked with the likes of Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood, Francesco Molinari and Henrik Stenson, it’s no surprise that he’s considered one of the best. Kenyon was a pivotal part of the opening of Sea Island’s new Golf Performance Center, where he helped craft a state-of-the-art putting studio. With the GPC’s opening in March and a busy travel schedule throughout the year, Kenyon is in high demand. On the heels of being honored with the John Jacobs Award for Teaching & Coaching from the PGAs of Europe, he took a moment away from his duties to shed some light on the studio and reveal how he continues to find success as a putting coach. Sea Island Life: What can students look forward to in regard to the putting studio at the new Golf Performance Center? Phil Kenyon: The aim is to re-create the conditions that players will confront outside, but we’ve got it all indoors. We have a moveable green, called the Zen Green Stage system, so players can hit all types of putts—it moves side to side, up and down, and it moves up to 6 percent in direction to offer multiple types of breaking putts. We have a full camera system, so we can record a player at high-speed and multiple angles. We will also have the Quintic Ball Roll system, which measures the ball, so we will be able to look at launch angle, spin and distance of pure roll. And then there is the PuttView system, which projects the trajectory of the putt, along with various other animations on the green. Whichever slope we move the green to, you can basically project how that break would look onto the green. It’s a great visual tool to help people with green-reading. SIL: From global stars to nascent players, you have achieved results with all levels of golfers. Why do you think this is? PK: My philosophy is that we’re all individuals, with our own patterns of coordination. IN THE SWING

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | SEA ISLAND LIFE 27 It’s possible to help each person find the most functional and efficient way to play golf. It’s about trying to make the student an improved version of him or herself. SIL: What are most people doing improperly when they come to receive putting instruction? PK: A lot of times, they have poor concepts and approaches, which, of course, do not aid good mechanics. And, as a consequence, you see them struggling to properly start the putt on-line, which is the fundamental for me. If you look at better players, one of the things they almost take for granted is the ability to start the ball on a really good line. And an inability to start a putt on a consistent line makes it difficult to develop other skills, like green-reading and speed control. SIL: Do these same students often arrive with the improper tool in tow? PK: Putter fitting is an important, if not integral and invaluable, part of any lesson. If you’ve got the wrong tool, it can impede what you’re trying to develop. I often see players who come in with a putter [that] is the improper length, lie or loft. As a consequence, that affects mechanics. Even the subtleties of the shape, configuration or sight lines of a putter can influence how a player aims, which results in the development of compensations. Very rarely can one just buy something off the shelf and find a perfect match. The putter fitting process—which we offer in the studio, along with a full line of putter choices—is key in finding the proper match. SIL: Why is David Angelotti, senior putting instructor at Sea Island, so pivotal to your team and what is his role at the new putting studio? PK: David is a valuable member of the team not only because of his expertise and knowledge in putting instruction but because of his passion for the game and motivation to learn as an instructor. … David runs the studio on a day-to-day basis. Working closely with me, he delivers lessons to members and guests and deals with all daily operations. David develops various programs from individual to group instruction, and leads the putter fitting programs we are running in the studio in conjunction with Odyssey. SIL: With the new rule allowing for the flagstick to be kept in the hole while playing from the green, what’s your take on keeping the pin in? PK: There are a few different factors to consider, but, on the whole, I think there’s a bias that keeping the flagstick in the hole will actually help. The material of the flagstick will make a difference—for instance, if you’ve got a metal pin or a plastic pin, the rebound effect will be different. I think you’ve got to be a bit careful with metal pins, which may rebound the ball. Other factors to consider are … how centered a pin is, if the flagstick is being buffeted by the wind and if the cup is in a slightly angled position on the green. m Putting specialist Phil Kenyon works with golfers of all levels, helping each person find the most functional and efficient way to play.

28 SEA ISLAND LIFE | SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Picture Perfect Friends of #SeaIsland have made these eye-catching scenes our top 10 most photographed spots on Instagram. ON THE ISLE KEEP IN TOUCH | Don’t forget to use #SeaIsland on your posts for a chance to be featured. website | facebook Sea Island Resorts | twitter @SeaIslandResort | instagram @sea_island pinterest | youtube @sea_island What a view from The Lodge’s new putting green! photo by: @kenminschwaner3 @sea_island The fireworks have already begun at Sea Island! Nature is putting on its finest for our last sunset of the year. @kjp Thought this was a scene I had in a beautiful dream until I saw it once again in my camera roll … What is the most dreamlike place you have ever visited? @emilypopeharris Wrapping up another fantastic Summit with @thesouthernc at @sea_island. @nathanmckissick #seaislandgeorgia #seaisland #seasidegolfcourse #stsimonsisland #golf @sea_island Break from the grind, clear your mind, and enjoy some me time at The Spa. @sea_island Wishing we could pause Sunday right here. @kip_heeg If you’ve never ridden horseback on the beach it’s a must! So fun! @sea_island Rainbow Island is perfect for every occasion - a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception or the wedding itself! photo by: @c10ike @sea_island Spring, is that you? Sunny and 70 degrees make for the perfect day at the Beach Club. PHOTOGENIC POOL We expect The Lodge’s new pool, overlooking the St. Simons Sound, Atlantic Ocean and beyond, to soon join the list of the most photographed areas on the Island.

FOR A SPECIAL TRIP that offers everything from specialty stores to convenient services and a Harris Teeter Neighborhood Market, visit Shops at Sea Island! Bank of America Chico’s Cloister Collection Details/Indigo & Cotton G.J. Ford Bookshop Gentlemen’s & Lady Outfitters GNC Harris Teeter J. McLaughlin Jos. A. Bank Joseph Jewelers Parker Gallery Signature Properties Group Soma Talbots The UPS Store Wells Fargo Advisors Whippersnappers Located at the corner of Frederica and Sea Island Roads on St. Simons Island 600 Sea Island Rd, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522 Managed and Leased by CASTO | | 941.552.2700