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    Celebrating 96 Years
    and 80 Forbes Five-Star Awards

Gracious, warm. Worlds away. Welcome.


The gracious welcome of The Cloister. The distinctive warmth of The Lodge. The privacy of one of our many Cottages. Wherever you stay, this is a place that feels familiar, even if you’ve never been before. A hidden treasure waiting to be explored.

Where five miles of private beach and gracious hospitality welcome you. Fifty lush acres surrounded by the river, salt marshes, and the sea.

Private, boutique hotel. Beautiful cottages. With ocean views from your balcony and two championship golf courses within arm’s reach.

A home to call your own, with the diverse coastal beauty of Sea Island in your backyard and resort amenities at your fingertips.

The Inn & Broadfield

Looking for friendly comfort with spirit and charm? The Inn by Sea Island is the perfect home base for exploring all that St. Simons Island has to offer.

Looking to really get away from it all? Broadfield, our expansive sporting club and lodge, is a secluded natural escape.

How Will You Spend Your Days?

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  • Beach Club - Family Fun
    Exceptional Experiences

    Gracious hospitality. A playful spirit. Wide open spaces to discover and explore. Memories made in small moments. And ones that are larger than life. Tables to gather around, traditions to carry on, healing water therapies to soak up. To experience Sea Island is to step into a different world. While everything else just fades away.

  • Seaside Course
    Fun Is In Full Swing

    Tradition is important to us. So is having fun. Which is what we do every day on our three championship golf courses, teeing areas, and practice greens, and 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Golf Performance Center. And learn from top instructors, while you’re at it.

  • family on fishing boat
    Endless Activities

    A hidden treasure that welcomes you with expansive vast spaces to explore. Space to stroll. Space to relax. Space to play. From fishing, tennis, and sailing to biking, kayaking, horseback riding, and more. No two days are the same, and every day is made for stories worth telling long after the moment’s gone.

  • The Cloister Shop
    Shopping Adventures

    The best in beauty, finely crafted menswear, classic apparel for women. Tennis, golf, and fishing gear. Get beach ready, find hair and skin care products, and you’ll want one of everything from the Kid’s Shop. And bring a piece of Sea Island home. Turns out you can wear your heart on your sleeve.

  • a couple dining at Colt & Alison
    The Flavors of Sea Island

    Plan your meals around your stay, your mood, or wherever the day takes you. Warm, intimate steakhouse. Elegant Forbes Five-Star restaurant. A rustic Italian eatery, a French brasserie, and alfresco oceanfront dining. Save room for a Sea Island classic Gold Brick Sundae.

  • Man getting a massage
    Spa & Fitness

    Wellness. At Sea Island, you’re surrounded by water, a remarkable setting that is good for the soul. But here you can also enjoy state-of-the art fitness equipment and invigorating classes. And at our Forbes Five-Star spa, embark on a wellness journey inspired by and connected to the healing, soothing, and replenishing power of water.

  • Beach Club - Family Fun Beach Club - Family Fun
    Exceptional Experiences
  • Seaside Course Seaside Course
    Fun Is In Full Swing
  • family on fishing boat family on fishing boat
    Endless Activities
  • The Cloister Shop The Cloister Shop
    Shopping Adventures
  • a couple dining at Colt & Alison a couple dining at Colt & Alison
    The Flavors of Sea Island
  • Man getting a massage Man getting a massage
    Spa & Fitness