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Spa & Fitness

Because wellness is not a place you get to. It’s a journey to embark on. At Sea Island, every part of your journey is connected. To the power of water, which inspires our therapies, treatments, and our very being. Where each element is intertwined. Spa, fitness, body, mind, and soul. It’s all connected. It’s all part of your journey. And we’re happy to be part of yours.

The Spa at Sea Island

Water. Source of life and vitality and inspiration for our spa. Hydrotherapy, foot reflexology paths, and mineral soaking tubs. A soulful wellness journey to experience the restorative power of water. Embrace the elements.

The Spa garden atrium in Sea Island Resort


For a vacation with a little allure. Haircuts and updos, color and makeup, manicures and pedicures. Freshen up your look or change it all together for a transformational experience. Essential services for any special occasion. And for making any occasion special.


Fitness Center

State-of-the-art equipment as well as yoga, Pilates, strength, and cardio studios. Come for a workout, take a class, or make it part of a wellness journey that moves you…and allows for moments of stillness. Work with a trainer, then go for a swim, a steam, and an invigorating massage.