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  • 95 Faces for 95 Years

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Meet our Team

The true stars of Sea Island are our team members who provide gracious hospitality and deliver award-winning service to our guests and members on a daily basis. To celebrate them, and in honor of our 95th anniversary, we are excited to announce ‘95 Faces for 95 Years.’ Throughout the year, we will highlight 95 team members sharing fun, interesting facts about them as well as their time-tested expertise and tips with Sea Island Shares.


Sea Island Shares    Interesting Facts

Charlesetta Cross

Assistant Manager, Rooms

The team member break room at Ocean Forest Golf Club has been named Charlie’s Place in honor of Charlesetta.  This honor was bestowed by her fellow team members.

George Drayton

Ambassador, Beach Club

George, who is affectionately known by many at Sea Island as Big George, is the youngest of 13 children.

Debra Hobbs

Breakfast Server

Debra’s family has been dubbed a “team member dynasty,” with over a dozen of her family members employed at Sea Island in various hospitality roles over the years.

Gary Simmons

Broadfield Cook

Gary is loved by his fellow team members for his sense of humor and is known by all for his love of anything apple.

David Cutia

Director of Beach Club Operations

Why David inspires us:

Becoming involved with Saved by Grace was a move that combined personal and professional interests for David. He currently employs six Saved by Grace residents at the Beach Club and from personally offering rides to and from work and providing a second chance for those who are longing for one, David is the epitome of what inspires us at Sea Island.

Robert Davis

Men's Locker Room

Why Robert inspires us:

In his 61 years as a Sea Island team member, Robert “Mighty Fine” Davis is an inspiration to guests, members, and team members alike. His positive outlook, willingness to share his wisdom, and speaker expertise in service make any interaction with him the highlight of a visit to the Men’s Locker Room. When asked how his day is, his response is always “Mighty Fine,” earning him the name that most know him by.

Chad German

Transportation Manager

Why Chad inspires us:

Chad has served in a variety of roles at Sea Island, while also remaining an active member of the Army National Guard. He is currently deployed for a year overseas and is an inspiration and reminder of the sacrifices our military personnel make.

Blake Kroll

Executive Assistant to VP of Operations and Managing Director

Why Blake inspires us:

In her day-to-day role, Blake is responsible for supporting our resort General Manager. With her total resort perspective, she is well suited to lead Sea Island Cares, which is an internal team that leads our team members in working with local charities and causes. Her after-hours involvement in these efforts inspires all of us daily.

Laurie Weber

Executive Assistant and Special Projects Manager

Why Laurie inspires us:

Laurie started at Sea Island in 2022 and quickly became an integral part of Sea Island Cares in addition to her responsibilities. From assisting with the Second Harvest float set up at the Brunswick Christmas Parade to championing causes such as Hope 1312 Collective, Laurie has inspired others to get involved in our community outreach activities.

Dani Mannarino

Lodge Pro Shop Sales Associate
What I like best about working at Sea Island is my amazing team! They are so helpful, always answering my questions and offering assistance. It is a great group of supportive women who want the best for you at work and on a personal level.
My favorite Sea Island memory was setting up a Princess Tea Party for a member’s children. My co-worker and I got cookies, tea, tiaras, and play jewelry, and set the table in Georgian Room Library. The little girls were so excited, and their parents were so appreciative.
My most prized possession is an emerald ring that my Nonna gave me. It is one of the few valuable items she took with her from Italy when she left to come to the United States during the 1940s.

Michelle Lane

Spa Retail Associate
A fun fact about me is that I am distantly related, by marriage, to Orville and Wilbur Wright.
My favorite hobby is to photograph sensational sunsets.
It’s a two-way tie between The Full Monty and Dave for my favorite movie. Both are equally funny and feel-good flicks!

Jennifer Swindall

Sales Associate
My most prized possession is my wedding ring, which was passed down to me from my grandmother.
My favorite hobby is reading and painting.
I collect rocks from all the places I visit.

Charla Fraser

Retail Manager
What I like best about working at Sea Island is our Sea Island family, members, and guests.
One thing I would tell my younger self is to slow down and spend more time with the ones you love most.
My favorite hobby is tennis and soon-to-be sailing!

Leslie Heyward

Sales Associate

My favorite movie is It’s A Wonderful Life. From the storyline of the movie to the many top actors of that time who were in the movie, including my favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart, as lead character!

What I like best about working at Sea Island are the team members, hands down! Back of the house, front of the house; I am privileged every day I come to work starting with the first wave and hello!

My favorite music is Hip-Hop, R&B, and Symphonic.

Hannah Chalmers

Cloister Concierge

What I like best about working at Sea Island is getting to make our guests’ vacations special by doing the very most I can do in every interaction. I want our guests to feel welcomed and at home as soon as they walk in the door.
My most prized possessions are my two dogs, Piper and Oakley.
If I could tell my younger self one thing, is that every day is a new day and no two days are the same. Your attitude can make a big difference in your overall happiness!

Tara Kroll

Director of Rooms, The Cloister
What I like best about working at Sea Island is my friends! Everyone that I have worked with over my 24 years at Sea Island I would call a friend. That includes team members, guests, and members. I am grateful for the connections and relationships I have been able to make thus far and look forward to many more over the years. I love being able to greet return guests and members by name and remember small things about their families that make them feel at home. I love catching up and checking in with team members. These connections are what makes Sea Island special.
My favorite Sea Island tradition is Bingo. It is a unique experience that you can only experience here which is why I think so many people enjoy the tradition and keep it going strong. Even as a Sea Island Bingo veteran, I still haven’t won, but I am not giving up hope!
My favorite hobby is shopping! I love browsing local stores to find the next best piece for my office or home. I love a calming coastal theme and being able to change things up frequently. A close second to shopping would be organizing. Everything has a place; you just have to find it!

Timothy Mann

I have one hidden talent; I play the piano. I love spending time learning new songs, that really makes me happy.
If there is one piece of advice I could give my younger self, it would be to stay humble. It will help you build closer relationships with others and make you more approachable.
Something my friends and family may not know about me is that I still play softball. I love getting out on the field and having fun with my teammates.

Andrena Martin

Guest Services Manager
What I like best about working at Sea Island is working with like-minded people, in all outlets, that are truly dedicated to providing genuine and luxurious experiences for Sea Island members and guests.
My favorite Sea Island tradition is seeing Santa. I started working here in my twenties and the valet were making a commotion about Santa pulling up. I had to see what the fuss was. As he came through the Colonial Lounge doors, we made eye contact and I felt the childhood inspiration wash over me – I met Santa!

Evan McCree

Cloister Concierge
If I could go back in time for a day, it would be the day I proposed to my fiancé on the path overlooking the Black Banks River.
What I like best about working at Sea Island is having a hand in the creation of fond memories that will last a lifetime.
My favorite Sea Island memory is putting together a rainy day tea party for a young girl.

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