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Meet The Members

For author Christina McClelland and her family, Sea Island is much more than a vacation destination.

By: Ava Wolver

As an Alabama native, Christina’s introduction to Sea Island was through her husband, Walter McClelland, Jr., who spent his childhood vacationing there. Swiftly becoming a favorite destination for the couple and their daughters, 12-year-old Mabry and 8-year-old Emily, the coastal paradise offered a contrast to the family’s primary residence in Atlanta. “For many years, it was our home away from home and such a respite for our family,” Christina expresses. “Everything slows down as soon as we get onto the island—it’s the best!”


Becoming a Sea Island member in 2019, and purchasing a cottage shortly thereafter, marked a turning point for the McClellands. “Both girls find immense joy in the outdoors,” Christina shares. “Sea Island, with its natural beauty and activities, provides the perfect backdrop for their adventures.” For all four in the family, the value of time together surpasses anything else. “When we are here, it’s an opportunity to connect, laugh, and savor each moment.”


The McClelland Family from left to right: Mabry, Walter, Christina, and Emily


The McClellands’ connection with Sea Island extends far beyond the occasional summer visits; “It’s a year-round affair,” Christina laughs. The family takes advantage of every season and makes monthly visits throughout the year. Each trip brings forth new favorites, from the excitement of the Beach Club pool slide for the girls to the annual traditions of each holiday. For Walter and Christina, it’s the simple pleasures—especially the Black Banks Terrace, with its enchanting sunsets, which holds a special place in their hearts.


For the McClellands, Sea Island is not just a destination; it’s a canvas for creating priceless family memories. “Mabry and Emily have grown up adoring the island,” she reminisces, “their favorite spot being Wonderland,” the island’s whimsical candy shop. One of Christina’s newest and favorite memories on the island was last summer on a Sea Turtle Dawn Patrol adventure—an experience she describes as fantastic and fascinating. Witnessing two nest hatchings, each containing over one hundred eggs. The naturalist shared intriguing facts about the sea turtle population and emphasized the significance of the resort’s efforts for these amazing creatures. Christina highly recommends this experience to everyone, highlighting the added bonus of watching the sunrise over the ocean.