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With Flying Colors

New Sea Island and The Broadmoor coloring books allow artists of all ages to immerse themselves in the hidden treasures of their visit.


mother and daughter with coloring book

The new coloring books feature a variety of architecture-inspired designs.

When the Anschutz family purchased The Broadmoor and Sea Island, they knew that beyond each resort’s storied history and idyllic settings, they are places where families, including theirs, would build memories for generations.


Inspired by the birth of their first child, Fritz, and looking to give members and guests a way to remember their own special visits to Sea Island and The Broadmoor, Jill and Christian Anschutz came up with the idea for a set of coloring books. “We were looking to create something that families could do together,” says Christian Anschutz, businessman, philanthropist and son of Sea Island owner, Philip Anschutz.


The Anschutzes collaborated with award-winning children’s book illustrator Adam Turner for the project. Working alongside Turner, Jill and Christian developed two coordinating coloring books — one for adults and one for children, each with a unique perspective and illustrations. “The adult version has more intricate designs,” Christian says. “So, if a child is coloring one of our scenes, the parent could be coloring the corresponding page, which would have far more architectural details. It’s really meant to be so the parent and child can be coloring together at the same time.”


The books feature more than a dozen architecture-focused designs, from the grand entrance of The Cloister at Sea Island to the mountainous backdrops of Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor. Each page includes fun facts about the scene and highlights a variety of on- property activities. “It was important to us that these books really embodied the spirit of each resort. Incorporating some of the signature activities that a member or guest could experience during their visit was a great way to do that,” states Christian.


This level of attention to detail, even down to the fabrication of the coloring books, is what sets them apart. The Anschutzes ensured the adult version had a luxury feel, using premium paper and binding. On the other hand, the children’s counterpart was designed to be more durable, standing up to the varying graded force of young artists.


While coloring books are a perfect pastime for both grown-ups and kids, this set calls for something a bit deeper: connecting not only with a loved one but also with the spectacular scenes that make up these iconic destinations. The coloring books are available for purchase at retail shops throughout each property as well as at


coloring books

The new coloring books feature a version for adults and another for children.

“We tailored the coloring books to the person who is coloring it, wanting an enjoyable experience for both parent and child." - CHRISTIAN ANSCHUTZ


A conversation with illustrator Adam Turner sheds light on the artistic process of creating the coloring books.


What was your initial reaction when you were asked to partner with Sea Island and The Broadmoor for these books?

Turner: Coloring books are something I have quite a bit of experience with, so I felt it to be very much in my wheelhouse. I went into it with confidence and clarity, which is always a wonderful way to start a project. I was also excited by the unknown. I had never visited either property before, so I was excited to see the grounds and the life of the resort.


What was your favorite part of the design process?

Turner: My favorite part was spending time at the properties. I was able to meet with the folks who live it and breathe it daily. I was able to immerse myself into the properties for a short bit, and it was wonderful.


How did Sea Island inspire you?

Turner: As an artist, I really valued the level of detail and love that goes into every aspect of the resort. From the architectural details to the design of the grounds, to the preservation of the local flora and fauna, I was so impressed with the grandeur of it all, and just amazed by some of the unique design decisions throughout Sea Island.