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  • H2B


All international team members need to ensure all visa-required documents are uploaded and ready by the processing deadline. If Sea Island is making travel arrangements, we will schedule them based on our airport transportation schedule. Airport transportation will arrive at the Sea Island Guest House.


Sea Island Guest House is a housing facility located on St. Simons Island. It is primarily designed to accommodate team members participating in the H2B visa program, ensuring that all H2B workers stay in this main residence. Sea Island Guest House is conveniently situated 2 miles away from The Cloister and 3 miles from the Lodge, making it easily accessible for individuals working in these locations.


“Traditions in Excellence” is the name of orientation at Sea Island and takes place over two days. You will be expected to attend this orientation upon your arrival at Sea Island. Orientation will teach you about our company culture and history. Lunch is provided on both days. Attire is resort professional.

In-Country Extension

For H2B participants that are on an In-Country extension we have implemented a streamlined document submission process this year to facilitate a smoother onboarding experience. Our platform, BOOM!, will serve as the central hub for uploading necessary documents. You will also find login instructions here.

If you are a current Sea Island H2B looking for a winter extension, please refer to Seasonal Connect for opportunities.