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  • Sea Island Standards

Uniforms and Badges

During onboarding, you will be given information to schedule a uniform fitting upon arrival to Sea Island. Please ensure that you complete that exercise so the Wardrobe room can be ready to fit you in your Sea Island Uniform. You will be given a Team Member badge during your orientation that must be worn at all times while working, riding Sea Island Transportation or using Sea Island team member cafes. If you lose your badge please contact Human Resources for a replacement. Replacement cost is $10.00, in the form of a payroll deduction.


All Team Members will receive an email after their offer is signed in the week leading up to orientation dates, to begin the onboarding process. This is to be done before arrival, look for the email from UKG to begin the your welcome journey. Please do not delay as this will cause a delay in your start date. Important to note the email and password used when team member first applied to job position. Team members will be provided a list of acceptable documents they can bring on their first day of work. They must bring the correct documents either to the first day of orientation or their first day of work. If they do not and cannot provide correctly in the 48 hours following, they are at risk of termination.

Team Member Dining

At The Cloister and The Lodge, Team Members are able to enjoy the Team Member cafés. All Team Members are able to take one meal break per shift in the café. You must use your own meal card to enter. There is a daily selection of warm food, desserts, and drinks. The cafés close from 3-4 p.m. daily.

Work Schedules

Your managers will post weekly schedules as soon as practicable. Please ensure you know your department’s schedule and posting location. To request any time off please you the time off request form found in Beekeeper and alert your manager. Your leader must approve any time before being taken. PTO accrual begins when team members start work. Team members should work with their managers to coordinate the most efficient schedule with the shuttle arrival times.

Check In/Out Dates

To take the best care possible of our Team Members, we must have all of your correct check-in dates and check-out dates. If you are scheduled to stay in the dorms at the College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA) during your work assignment, you are not permitted to arrive early or extend past the available dates. Unless Sea Island provides housing for the full extent of your program (for example: culinary externs), you will be responsible for housing outside of the dates CCGA provides. CCGA and Sea Island must be given advanced notice of check-in /check-out dates. Day-of changes are not permitted, unless emergency.

Social Security Trips

For all international students who do not have a current Social Security number, the Human Resources team will organize monthly trips to the Social Security office to obtain your card. This must be done promptly after your arrival to Sea Island. International team members are required to obtain a social security number within 30 days and update all documents with the newly assigned number.


Certain international visas allow for Sea Island benefits.