Sea Island Christmas 2020

Programs and restaurants may have limited availability in order to comply with physical distancing guidelines. As our plans continue to evolve based on new information and guidelines, certain offerings in this brochure may change. Face coverings are required for most activities, when entering or exiting restaurants, and when placing a bar order. Please refer to the Planning Guide for the policy in each area. Reservations Reservations are required for most events and activities by 5 p.m. the day prior. Programs not requiring a reservation are designated with “ s .” For Dining and Most Activity Reservations: Resort Guests—912-638-5111 or ext. 5111 Cottage Guests—912-634-4343 Exclusive Resorts Guests—912-634-3957 Sea Island Club Members—912-634-4444 For Broadfield Reservations: 912-510-0030 For Equestrian Reservations: 912-434-4760 For Golf Performance Center Reservations: 912-638-5119 For a complete listing of daily activities, please see Week at a Glance, beginning on page 5. *Special Event Weather Policy* Events denoted with " I " are outdoor events and will remain in the listed location, unless inclement weather arises. The decision will be made on the day of the event by 10 a.m. To check the status of the event location, please call the Sea Island Automated Update Line, 912-634-4466. 1