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  • The Falconry Experience at Broadfield

The Falconry Experience at Broadfield


Traverse the 5,800 acres of Broadfield, a Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge, on a half-day outing and witness nature’s fastest animal, the peregrine falcon, in pursuit of gamebirds and a Harris hawk chasing bobwhite quail and eastern gray squirrels.

To reserve, call:
(912) 510-0030

Hiking boots, jeans, and a shooting shirt. Dressing for the weather is highly encouraged.

Months offered: October-March


$425/person, 2-person minimum, $125/each additional person. Southern-style lunch included. – A service charge of 20% will apply.

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Broadfield Lodge


Located off of the main Sea Island property less than an hour drive south near Woodbine is Broadfield, A Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge. Reserved as a compound for idyllic secluded getaways for up to 18 people, its natural setting make it perfect for hunting, shooting, falconry, and fishing, as well as farm-to-table meals from Broadfield’s own chef.