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  • Golf Performance Center

Lessons at the Golf Performance Center

Golf Performance Center

At the Golf Performance Center, we use our expertise to balance fundamentals with industry-leading technology to help each golfer–novice to professional – reach their potential.

To reserve, call:
(912) 638-5119

Offered Year Round


Starting at $135/hour

Dress Code


Tailored Bermuda and walking shorts are permissible providing they are no higher than 3 1/2 inches above the knee.
Cut-offs, athletic shorts, swimsuits, tennis shorts, blue jeans, and jogging attire are not appropriate.
Collared shirts must be worn at all times.
Shirts without collars including crew neck shirts, fish net shirts, t-shirts and tank tops are not appropriate (t-shirts are permissible for children under 16 years of age).


Halter tops, bathing suit tops, revealing clothing, short shorts, cut-offs, tennis, swimming and jogging attire are not appropriate.


Soft-soled and golf shoes with non-metal spikes, please. No sandals.

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    Golf Performance Center
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Golf Performance Center

Golf Performance Center

We could tell you about our beautiful state-of-the-art 17,000 square-foot facility. Or the personalized golf instruction delivered by a team of world-renowned golf instructors. But the one thing we always want to be sure of? Did you have fun?