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  • The Spa garden atrium in Sea Island Resort
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The Spa at Sea Island

Forbes Five-Star Spa, Restorative Paradise

Water. It falls, flows, rises. It nourishes, replenishes, gives life. At Sea Island we’re inspired by it—a meandering river, sweeping saltwater marshes, the vast ocean. At The Spa at Sea Island, we use the restorative power of this natural force to help improve your health and wellness. Fountain, waterways, and pools that are all connected. Hydrotherapy, water treatments, custom aromatherapy, wellness journeys, and signature bodywork to deepen your spa journey, every step of the way. Let your mind wander. See what flows.

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The Power of Water

  • Relaxation Garden Atrium
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Water Rotunda
  • Water Reflexology Path
  • Sunbathing Terraces
  • Meditation Labyrinth
  • Cedar Dry Sauna
  • Couples Suites
  • Eucalyptus Steam Room
  • Mineral Pool Bath
  • Spa Therapy Showers
  • Relaxation Lounges

Spa Services

Sea Island Massage $325

Our signature treatment, this full body massage is tailored to include pressure point myofascial massage and scalp treatment, body exfoliation, and foot polish.

90 minutes

Sea Island Massage
Spirits of the Season Massage $225 / $335

Depart on a variety of sensory journeys as you travel through our Spirits of the Season massage series. Focusing on customized bodywork, this treatment will ease tension in muscles and joints, promote relaxation, relieve stress, and boost your mood.

60 or 90 minutes

Swedish massage
Swedish Massage $125 / $210 / $315

Our therapist will work with you to determine specific areas of focus, the right amount of pressure, and most effective techniques to ease tension, experience relaxation, and improve well-being.

30, 60, or 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage $135 / $225 / $335

Concentrated therapy designed to relieve tension in muscles and connective tissue using a deep pressure technique.

30, 60, or 90 minutes

Hot Stones
Hot Stone Massage $315

Basalt stones are smooth from the flow of river currents. When warmed and combined with soothing Swedish massage strokes, they become masterful tools, releasing tension through the body and allowing for deep relaxation.

85 minutes

Stretch Massage
Stretch Massage $315 / $415

Therapeutic treatment specifically designed for active guests, combining stretching and massage to enhance flexibility and soothe sore muscles. Perfect post workout or after a long day of activities.

90 or 120 minutes

Reflexology Massage
Reflexology Massage $130 / $215

Using pressure points and massage strokes through your feet, our specialists apply reflexology techniques to relieve tension and tightness for better movement and relax the entire body.

30 or 60 minutes

hand massage
Focus Work Massage $155

Soothe sore or overworked muscles and joints. Hands and arms are massaged and then cocooned in aromatic hot towels. Finished with an application of our warming muscle oil to enhance relaxation.

45 minutes

Scalp, Hands, and Feet Massage
Scalp, Hands, and Feet Massage $200

This luxurious restorative treatment uses luscious oils that are massaged into the scalp while oils rejuvenate the often overlooked areas of your hands and feet. Loose clothing may be worn.

60 minutes

Balinese Massage $225 / $335

This full-body holistic treatment uses a combination of Balinese techniques, including gentle stretches, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the energy around your body and bring a sense of wellbeing, calm, and deep relaxation.

60 or 90 minutes

Pregnancy Massage $165/ $215

This treatment is specifically designed to soothe the aches, strains, and exertions of pregnancy. The service includes mini-facial with scalp treatment and belly massage.

Must be past 12 weeks.

45 or 60 minutes

Duet Massage
Duet Massage Varies

Time together is the perfect luxury for any pair. Choose any of our therapeutic massage services to be performed side-by-side in our stunning couples suite.

45, 60, 90, or 120 minutes

massage enhancements
Massage Enhancements $25/each

Add a body buff, scalp treatment, or foot polish to your service for the ultimate treatment.

Sea Minerals Body Mask treatment
Sea Minerals Body Mask $210

Dry brushing followed by a remineralizing sea algae and clay body mask. Smooth and brighten the complexion with a vitamin C probiotic facial polish and white tea mask. Hand and foot massage included.

60 minutes

Detox Body Contour treatment
Detox Body Contour $210

Dry brushing followed by a body mask filled with vitamins and minerals to support cell renewal and melt away tension. A face, hand, and foot massage is included.

60 minutes

White Algae Cocoon treatment
White Algae Cocoon $215

Brighten and nourish skin with this marine-infused body treatment. Mineral Peptides make skin feel plump while hyaluronic acid draws in water for lasting hydration.

60 minutes

Volcanic Pumice Body Exfoliation
Volcanic Pumice Exfoliation $115

Soothe your skin and senses with lychee seed, seaweed, volcanic pumice, and kukui seed oil.

30 minutes

Around the World Salt Exfoliation
Salt Body Polish $115

Mineral-rich salts buff away roughness, while shea butter and wild gigartina seaweed nourish for silky-smooth and glowing skin.

30 minutes

Sun Soother body treatment
Sun Soother $115

Mineral-rich sea algae, cooling aloe vera gel, and antioxidant green tea extracts reduce redness and irritation while soothing sun-soaked skin. The face is treated with cool compresses soaked in sea minerals and a fresh gigartina algae gel mask to rejuvenate skin.

30 minutes

Sea Island Bath $125

Soothe your skin and senses with lychee seed, seaweed, volcanic pumice, and kukui seed oil.

30 minutes

Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath
Arnica Joint and Muscle Bath $110

This soak is great for post-workout recovery or following any strenuous activities.

30 minutes

Goodbye Stress Bath
Goodbye Stress Bath $110

Calm muscles and joints with a soak in rosemary, mint, sweet orange, eucalyptus, camphor, and mineral salt.

30 minutes

Deep Breathe Bath
Breathe Deep Bath $110

A soak with infinite relaxation benefits and a detox, providing clarity for a restless mind.

30 minutes

Dream Away Bath
Dream Away Bath $110

Relax and unwind with a salt soak featuring valerian extract, hops, lavender, and citronella.

30 minutes

Facial Spa Treatment Sea Island
Sea Island Facial $250 / $375

This delicate, deep-cleansing facial uses products filled with healthy nutrients from Sapelo Skin Care to gently exfoliate and brighten skin. This non-abrasive treatment concludes with a smooth, cryo-dermaglobe facial massage that will tighten skin, reduce fine lines, and diminish puffiness.

60 or 90 minutes

Facial Massage
HydraFacial MD® $195 / $325 / $450

A patented Vortex Fusion system is a corrective treatment ideal for all ages and skin types. Using peptides and hyaluronic acid, this hydra-dermabrasion service cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates all at once, delivering instant results. Add any or all of our enhancements including, LED light therapy, lymphatic drainage, or DermaBuilder, to enhance your results.

HydraFacial MD® 60 – basic 4-step HydraFacial for face
HydraFacial MD® 90 – basic 4-step Hydrafacial + LED light therapy, Booster Serum, lymphatic drainage; face, and décolleté

30, 60 or 90 minutes

HydraFacial MD
Medispa Facial $235 / $340

A facial with instant cosmeceutical grade results. From facial contouring, problematic skin issues, to tailor-made luxurious treatment options, this facial uses Dr. Babor’s most concentrated products. Customize to your skincare needs with AHA peels, deep-cleansing, protection to sensitive skin conditions, rejuvenating anti-aging, and collagen regeneration, and more.

60 or 90 minutes

Healthy Glow Facial $175 / $210 / $315

This customized facial treats your skin at its deepest level, restoring it to a healthy, luminous balance. Whatever you’d like to focus on—sensitive skin, purifying, anti-aging, or hydrating—our estheticians will create a treatment to match.

45, 60, or 90 minutes

Detox Facial
Detox Facial $215 / $320

Featuring clean, simple, effective formulas derived from the purest of plant extracts, this is the facial in its truest form. The very definition of natural glow.

60 or 90 minutes

Men’s Facial $210 / $315

This facial treatment is specifically designed for the skin care needs of men and will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

60 or 90 minutes

Pregnancy Facial $175 / $235

This service features soothing chamomile, to alleviate redness and breakouts, and an energizing hibiscus enzyme peel for gentle exfoliation without the use of chemical exfoliants.

45 or 60 minutes

Kids Spa
Parent and Teen Treatments $310 / $400

Two side-by-side treatments performed in a private Due Spa Suite. Guests may select from either a Swedish Massage or Healthy Glow Facial. All guests, ages 15–17, must be accompanied by an adult over 18.

45 or 60 minutes

Spa Access Pass

Discover a restorative day at the spa, with access to all spa facilities, amenities, and water journeys, without a treatment or service.

Resort Guests and Club Members can purchase a Spa Access Pass, a 120-minute relaxation experience, a soothing journey of your own to create and enjoy.

120 minutes – $55
Availability varies daily. Includes access to locker rooms and all spa amenities.

For details, call (855) 572-4975

Woman receiving salon blowout hair treatment

Salon and Barbershop

Hair design and styling, color and makeup, nail and body care, beard trimming and hot towel shave. Essential services for any special occasion.

Fitness Class

Fitness Center

Come for a self-guided workout or receive coaching from our diverse team of personal trainers. Select from over 200 group classes a month in our yoga, Pilates, strength, and cardio studios.


Recentering and taking care of yourself doesn’t happen overnight, but every journey begins with a single step. And when you’re ready to take it, Sea Island will help you find your way.