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Gingerbread House Display

The Cloister Solarium

Experience the culinary marvel of our life-sized gingerbread Hudson!

At the turn of the twentieth century, Detroit automotive pioneer and speed enthusiast, Howard Coffin, established the Hudson Motor Company at the age of 35. On a weekend trip to the Georgia coast, Coffin found himself zipping through the streets of Savannah to race one of his automobiles and became smitten with the beauty of its nearby barrier islands. In 1912, Coffin purchased almost 20,000 acres of Sapelo Island and later purchased and founded Sea Island – eventually opening The Cloister in 1928.
This year, to honor the property’s 95th anniversary, one of the Hudsons that was frequently used to transport guests around the resort is making a ‘sweet’ reappearance – following a trip to the Sea Island Tree Farm. This year’s gingerbread house is a replica of the Hudson Sedan, a model that came off the assembly line in October 1928.

Available for viewing daily in The Cloister Solarium.