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Pace of Play

To make your round an enjoyable experience, Sea Island Golf Club is committed to reasonable Pace of Play expectations for all members and guests, in accordance with the following policies:

  • Please play ready golf.
  • To enhance your experience, along with pace of play, please keep appropriate tee selection in mind.
  • We require rounds to be played in 4 hours 20 minutes or faster.
  • Please keep up with the group in front of you and allow faster groups to play through.
    Should you fall out of position, a staff member monitoring the course will ask you to improve your position.
  • If any group, after two warnings, does not return to an appropriate position in a reasonable time, we will ask you to skip to a position on the course that puts your group back in position.
  • Sea Island caddies are expected to help with the pace of play guidelines.

Caddie Information

More than course knowledge and assistance on the greens. One of the best ways to experience a round of golf at Sea Island.


When nature calls

You’ll find bathrooms located on each course:

  • Seaside: Holes 6 & 15
  • Plantation: Holes 4 & 7 and 13 & 16
  • Retreat: Holes 6 & 15
Seaside Hole 12

Golf Courses

Legendary Scottish links style, a course remade by the champion players that grew up playing it, and a solid favorite that appeals to a broad range of players. Let’s play.

Golf Performance Center

Golf Performance Center
When you offer the finest golf instruction in the world, you build a facility to match. A place where anyone from novices to champions find a unique, multidisciplinary approach to golf instruction. World-renowned golf instructors and a team of experts at the top of their game. You don’t have to be a PGA TOUR pro to train like one. And have a great time. Because at Sea Island, having a fun day out on the course is the name of the game.

Gale Peterson at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center