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Sea Island Golf Performance Center

From every angle.

Learn side-by-side with our top instructors or watch them to see how it’s done. Or just find the answer to the question, “What do the game’s best players think and how do they prepare?” Get a body type evaluation, physical assessment, and individualized fitness program to improve your physical prowess. And from practice to putting, our family clinics are fun for everyone. Can’t find a clinic to suit your needs? The Sea Island Golf Performance Center will design a custom clinic, just for you.

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Custom Clinics

Custom clinics designed to meet your personal needs are our specialty. The Sea Island Golf Performance Center clinics vary in cost based on type and number of participants. Call 912-638-5119 for prices and details.

Participation Clinics

Learn different aspects of the game, as taught by 3–8 instructors. Maximum number of students at one time is 45. Participation clinics typically last 2–3 hours. The maximum student-to-instructor ratio is 6-to-1.

Demonstration Clinics

See different aspects of the game, as demonstrated by 1–4 instructors. Students will rotate through stations. Demonstration clinics generally last 1–2 hours.

Mental Approach Clinic With Dr. Morris Pickens

Sometimes a player's biggest obstacle to playing consistently at the highest level isn't their swing at all. Raise your on-course performance, regardless of your playing ability, by learning the correct mental approach with the help of Dr. Morris Pickens. "Dr. Mo" specializes in group talks on player routines, short game best practices, practice routines to produce optimal results, and the most popular topic, "What do the game's best players think and how do they prepare?" Dr. Pickens' clinics are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings.

Fitness Clinic With Randy Myers

Your swing is as unique as your body. Size, weight, age, and injuries all help determine your flexibility and power—two key components in consistently executing your ideal swing. Fitness expert Randy Myers specializes in evaluating golfers’ body types. Through a physical assessment he will create an individualized fitness program to improve your physical ability to play the game.
  • Pre-Round Stretching clinic. Stretching cage and/or stretching pole could be used.
  • Post-round Fitness. The Titleist Performance Institute assessment conducted for each player and followed up with 18 workouts that are sent via email. This program is conducted by two instructors.

Family Golf Clinics

From full swing to short game, putting, and fitness, Sea Island family golf clinics cover all areas of the game—with specific requests encouraged. Family clinics are made to be both fun and informative. All ages welcome.

Custom Programs

Multidimensional instruction for avid golfers and those aspiring to raise their game. A program set up like PGA TOUR pro-level training. Ideal for the avid golfer, junior players aiming for college golf, and aspiring professionals. Take your game to the next level and reach your goals.

Golf and Corporate Groups

Demonstration clinics, programs to improve your mental game, your short or long game—or both, and professional playing lessons. Some quick tips or a great guided stretch before your round.

Our Instructors

World-renowned instructors, as well as our own golf fitness expert, sports psychologist, and experienced club fitters. Leaders in the field. Staff who have worked with and trained some of the top players in the game. Now it’s your turn. Find out what it’s like to have the best in your corner.

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