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  • Cloister Wine Cellar

Sea Island Luxury Tequila Dinner presented by Tequila Komos

The Cloister Wine Cellar

Please join us for a luxury agave experience in the Cloister Wine Cellar for a unique dinner event like no other.  Hosted by Tequila Komos, our culinary and beverage team have created an exquisite 5-course dinner menu complete with cocktail and spirit pairings for each.  The dinner menu was created by Cloister Executive Sous Chef, Armando Gomez, and was inspired by his own experiences growing up in Mexico.  The cocktail and spirit pairings were designed by Resort Lead Bartender, Nic Wallace, and the team from Tequila Komos.  The Tequila Komos brand was founded by Richard Betts, an esteemed winemaker who blends traditional tequila-making methods with Mediterranean wine-making techniques, wedding Mexican tradition and Mediterranean inspiration.  The goal is to share tequila and all it stands for beyond Mexico and across the globe.

“In Mexico, cooking is an act of caring, the gesture of sharing food and drinks goes beyond nourishment and represents the importance of family and togetherness.  I loved working on this menu, it brought so much memories growing up in Mexico City, the late nights spent with friends looking for the best Pastor Taco stand in the city, the summer vacations with the family back in Playa del Carmen eating the best Aguachile you could imagine, my grandmother’s Mole Verde.  Going with her to the farmers market and see her picking up the purslane was something only done by her since she did not trust anybody else to do it.” – Chef Armando Gomez

Ages 21 and up. Jacket required.


Reservations required.


$550/adult – A service charge of 25% will apply.