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Player Development Program

Simply the best.

Looking to reach your full potential, your competitive aspirations, and the top of your game? A player-specific plan for long-term skill development, this year-round elite training program allows you to take advantage of quarterly on-site instruction while allowing you to live and attend school or college in your hometown. The Sea Island Golf Performance Center has one of the top golf instructional teams in the country and a rich history of developing high-level players, from college to professional players. Why not be one of them?


Daniel Gray, PGA

Senior Instructor and Player Development Coach

[email protected]


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Program Overview

  • Four Sea Island visits per year (initial visit and three check-in visits) to work with an elite instructional team on all areas of development, with a focus on core deficiencies.
  • Each visit is a two-day training session directly related to statistical weaknesses, based on our Key Indicators of Success, previous evaluations, and check-in visits.
  • Monthly online remote coaching sessions in between quarterly visits with the Lead Player Development Coach
  • 64 hours of personalized instruction with a combination of Sea Island specialist coaches
  • A team coaching approach similar to that of the world’s best tour professionals
  • Access to private Sea Island practice areas
  • Discount to all Sea Island hotels when available.
Player Development Program (PDP)

Player Development Program (PDP)

  • Current member of a college golf team aspiring to play professional golf
  • Competitive scoring average requirement: 73 or below (in college or amateur events)
Randy Myers

Elite Player Development Program (EPDP)

  • For players aspiring to play at the collegiate level
  • Currently working weekly on skills
  • Age: 13–18
  • Competitive scoring average requirements:
    Boys ages 13–15: 78 or below
    Boys ages 16–18: 76 or below
    Girls ages 13–15: 80 or below
    Girls ages 16–18: 78 or below
Junior Golf

Advanced Player Development Program (APDP)

  • For players aspiring to play at the high school level
  • Currently participating in some tournament golf
  • Age: 11–14
  • Competitive scoring average requirements:
    Boys ages 11–14: 80–85
    Girls ages 11–14: 82–87

*All players must submit a playing resume for review by the Senior Player Development Coach to ensure the program is a fit for each player.

Sea Island Golf Intructors

Our Instrutors

Our unique coaching staff is a very large part of our success, however the ability to help players understand their developmental process and training program is a very unique aspect of our training model.

  • Senior Instructor and Senior Player Development Coach: Daniel Gray
  • Fitness Specialist: Randy Myers and Scott Fedisin
  • Nutritionist: Joyce Mattox
  • Club Fitting Specialists: Craig Allan, Curtis Leggett, and Jared Walahoski
  • Sport Psychologist and Performance Specialist: Dr. Morris Pickens
Initial Evaluation and Instructional Session

Initial Evaluation and Instructional Session

Players complete an initial evaluation and initial instruction session during their first two-day visit that includes an assessment of all areas of the player’s game including:

  • Mechanics
  • Putting Assessment
  • Full swing Assessment
  • Short Approach Assessment
  • Club Specification Check and Recommendations
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Mental Approach Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • On-Course Evaluations

Players will also work in the areas of course strategy, tournament preparation, college recruitment preparation, and transitioning to their college atmosphere as a collegiate golfer, and life after college as a professional for the College Development Program.

The training doesn't stop when you leave.

  • Remote Online Training Sessions

    After the initial visit, and in between check-in visits, players will have monthly online coaching sessions. Players will post content on their game through an online program called Edufii (, and review with the coach.

  • Training Between Check-Ins

    Ongoing training and creating an environment at your home facility that will breed development are key to this program. We will set up weekly/monthly structured plans known as a periodization plan, a chart that will help maximize your time and efforts while training at home. Players have weekly workouts, specific practice sessions, playing sessions, and other key areas of development that are related to their overall progression strategy. The periodization plan will also help players manage their time throughout the year to help them peak at appropriate times during the season.

  • Quarterly Check-In Visits

    After the three-month “at home” training period is complete, players schedule another visit to reevaluate, work on core deficiencies, and meet with specialists we have on our team to help in different areas based on their statistical weaknesses and Key Indicators of Success. Players will complete similar evaluations each time they are here training at Sea Island to help baseline their progress and help set their next three-month “at home” training sessions.

  • College Development Program

    A program for players striving to take their game to the highest level in the collegiate arena and potentially play at the professional level after college, this program follows a similar model to the College Prep Program (with quarterly visits, evaluations, and remote training sessions between sessions), but differs in the discussions of the logistics of playing at the professional level and what that journey requires. This is a player specific program. Every player’s experience will be different and will be specific to their needs to reach their competitive playing goals.

  • Zach Johnson at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center
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