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Fit for success

A Golf Digest 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America. Director of Nike Golf Performance Worldwide. Founding member of Titleist Performance Institute, PGA of America’s first fitness instructor, and Sea Island Director of Fitness. And his thesis topic, “A strength training and flexibility program for recreational golfers,” helped establish the standards for golf exercise conditioning. No question, Randy Myers is a pioneer and leader in his field.

But what if your field isn’t golf? It’s true, Randy works closely with twelve PGA TOUR players as well as many college golf teams such as Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, East Carolina, and South Florida. His students have won more than 100 tournaments on Nationwide, LPGA, and PGA TOUR. But more than that, he’s also a popular motivational speaker for corporate groups and companies around the country. His advice and expertise can not only improve your game, but also your overall well-being. Find out how.

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Fit for Golf, Fit for Life

Learn the TOUR professionals’ secrets and finally get rid of restrictions that have been holding you back. Randy Myers’ book Fit for Golf, Fit for Life is the perfect gift for anyone attending his presentation.

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Golf Performance Center

Golf Performance Center Group Programs

Take your group experience to one of the most innovative, renowned golf facilities in the world: our very own Golf Performance Center. A place where fun is in full swing and any golfer of any skill level is welcome. Plan an event, golf school, or custom program for your group.

Reap the benefits of Dr. Morris M. Pickens, our Sports Psychologist and Performance Enhancement Specialist, from the golf course to the boardroom. Get inside your mind and on top of your mental game with Dr. Mo who will guide you to make wise decisions and implement effective strategies.