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  • The Mental Approach with Dr. Morris Pickens

The Mental Approach

Coaching for life

Discuss Winning in the Market with customers. Team Success with your leadership. Performing Under Pressure with your team. Learn how the guiding principles in athletics apply to the business world with Dr. Morris M. Pickens, a Sports Psychologist and Leadership Consultant at Sea Island who currently works with 9 players on the PGA and Tours.

Whether it’s understanding how to become a trusted advisor to your clients, learning how to lead a sales team of 100 through obstacles and adversity, or figuring out how to manage the personalities of your 5-member advisory board, Dr. Mo, as his clients call him, can help guide you to make wise decisions and implement effective strategies.

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Athletics in Life and Business

  • Structuring Life and Work: On-course, Practice and Prep, Off-course
  • Performing Under Pressure: Loving the thrill of it, yet remaining calm and unemotional
  • Processing Life: How to view outcomes and situations in an effective manner
  • Using a Process to Achieve Results: Using routines to be more effective
  • Maximizing Your Failures: Learning from all feedback, not just the fun feedback
  • What You Should and Should Not Change when Struggling: Principles vs. Feelings
  • Inviting Challenge and Embracing Uncertainty: Relishing Adversity vs. Managing it
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Program Ideas

Winning in the Market

Company: Thornburg Investment Management
Audience: Customers/Investors
Presentation Focus:

  • Organizing your practice productively (how to structure your business so everything “has a place” mentally)
  • Comprehensive Performance Plans (how to analyze stats and develop a sound improvement plan)
  • Game Plans for different clients and markets (how to attack different situations based on your strengths and situational weaknesses)

Trust Your Process, Not Your Emotions

Company: Kylin Management
Audience: Investment Professionals
Presentation Focus: How your beliefs about events, not the actual events themselves, have the biggest impact on your business. Other topics included:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Challenging the choices you make
  • How to prepare for obstacles
  • Developing a process you trust under pressure

Team Success

Company: Milliken
Audience: Milliken Research Leadership Team
Presentation Focus: An interactive presentation/discussion covering on:

  • Becoming a First-Choice Advisor
  • The Winning Way (process of achieving results)
  • Core Value Implementation
  • Leadership Qualities

The Mental Game for Golfers

Golf Performance

The Mental Game Clinic

A range/short game demonstration, learn the basics of thinking more effectively to play better. During this lesson students will learn how to develop effective pre-shot routines, truly play one shot at a time, transfer their “range game” to the course, and handle pressure situations.

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Lunch and Dinner Programs

Similar to the range/short Mental Game Clinic, conducted over a meal in a seminar setting. Hear Dr. Mo tell stories about what he’s working on with the PGA TOUR players and engage in a question and answer session.

See it for yourself.

Want to see Dr. Mo in action? Take a look as he discusses his book The Winning Way in Golf & Life, which includes golf tips and testimonials from some of the best players in the game today.

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Golf Performance Center Aerial
Junior Golf Training

Golf Performance Center Group Programs

Take your group experience to one of the most innovative, renowned golf facilities in the world: our very own Golf Performance Center. A place where fun is in full swing and any golfer of any skill level is welcome. Plan an event, golf school, or custom program for your group.

Tom Hemmings

Fitness Programs for Groups

Stretch yourself in fine form with Randy Myers, Sea Island’s Director of Fitness. Randy’s guidance will give you a boost on the golf course and off, in your professional responsibilities, just as he’s done for dozens of tour professionals for the past twenty years.