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An age-old tradition, the caddie’s role has evolved over the years. Once a simple job of toting equipment, caddying at the world’s top courses and clubs now requires extensive training and expertise. An app can’t calculate the effect of wind, elevation changes, or texture of the grass. But a good caddie can. They can also help with club selection, where to hit the ball to set up your next move, and even act as a coach, strategist, course tour guide, and trusty companion who helps you shake off a bad shot. Our expert guides not only know the natural beauty and history of your surroundings, but more importantly, they know the distinct layouts and challenges of each golf course—which goes a long way in reducing your score. And having your best round ever.

Contact Information

For any specific caddie request or questions, please contact Caddie Services at [email protected] or call (912) 638-5118 for additional information and tee times.

Sea Island Caddie Information

Caddie Services

  • Provide course knowledge
  • Assist on the greens when asked
  • Pace-of-play assistance in accordance with the Sea Island policy: under 4 hours and 20 minutes for 18 holes
  • Replace divots, rake bunkers, fix ball marks, and tend flagsticks
  • Locate golf balls
  • Be courteous, polite, respectful, and use proper golf etiquette

Caddie Rates

Resort Guest

  • Rate included in golf fee on Seaside and Plantation (excluding Twilight)
  • Walking Caddie: up charge of $47 per bag (double bag)
  • Premium Walking Caddie: up charge of $83 per bag (single bag)

Please note: All caddie rates are charged inside the golf shop.

Forecaddie is not included or required at Retreat, but is available upon request more than 24 hours in advance at an additional cost.

Recommended Gratuity

Gratuity should be based on the level of service provided by the caddie and may exceed the recommendation below.

  • Forecaddie: $30+ per bag
  • Walking Caddie: $40+ per bag

Caddies encourage any additional requests that can help enhance your round. We invite you to ask for anything you may need to make your round even more enjoyable!

Sea Island Golf Courses

Seaside Course

Plantation Course

Retreat Course

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