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Ladies Golf Lessons

Make your best even better

Mother-daughter outing, corporate group event, ladies’ golf trip, or just you and your closest friends. Sea Island Golf Performance Center custom ladies’ programs are tailored to meet your needs, designed to cover all facets of the game, and cater to golfers of any skill level. From basic strategy of your short game and the sports psychology behind the mental game to fitness assessment and on-course lessons. From two hours to two days or more. We’ll get your head in the game and your form in the swing of things.

Start Improving Your Game Today

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Hourly Sessions

Have areas of your game you would like to improve? We build your program to fit your needs: chipping, pitching, bunker play, putting, and full swing.

Long Game

Short Game

Spend one hour learning the basic strategy and techniques of your short game—chipping, pitching, or bunker play—and the other hour on the basics of putting. Each student will receive individual instruction based on their experience and skill level.

Short Game

Two-Hour Long Game/Short Game

Combine one hour of long game instruction with one hour of short game. Either chipping, pitching, bunker, or putting can be combined with full swing for a diverse learning experience.

Golf Performance Center

Three-Hour Long Game/Short Game

Combine one hour of full swing with two hours of short game, or two hours of full swing with one hour of short game. Short game choices are chipping, pitching, bunker play, or putting.

Multi-Day Program

Enjoy a 2–3 day program, with instruction on the range in the morning and playing lessons on-course in the afternoon. Can be designed for multiple people, with a 4:1 student-to-instructor ratio.


Day 1

  • 30-minute fitness session—stretching to increase mobility
  • 1.5 hours short game instruction
  • 1.5 hours full swing instruction
  • 2 hours on-course instruction
Ladies Golfing

Day 2

  • 30-minute fitness session—stretching to increase mobility
  • 1 hour putting instruction
  • 1 hour short game instruction
  • 1 hour full swing instruction
  • 2 hours on-course instruction
David Angelotti

Day 3 (optional)

  • 1-hour club fitting (for your choice of one component of your bag: driver, irons, hybrids, etc.)
  • 1 hour Trackman session—average carry and total distance for each club

Custom Program

Design your program to suit your schedule (for one, two, three days, or more) and build your experience from various aspects of the game. Choose all-day instruction or mornings only, with golf in the afternoon on your own.

For 1–3 people, for more than three, contact us at 912-638-5119.

Retreat Hole 12

Course Management with Dr. Mo

  • 30 minutes: Stretching to increase mobility/warm-up for the golf course
  • 1 hour: Fitness assessment
  • 90 minutes: Fitness Assessment and Stretching
Retreat Hole 11

Course Management with Dr. Mo

  • ½ day (4 hours): Sports psychology session with Dr. Morris Pickens
  • Full day (8 hours): Sports psychology session with Dr. Morris Pickens
  • 2-hour playing lesson with an instructor
Long Game

Full Swing

  • 2 hours: Instruction
  • 2 hours: 1 hour instruction/1 hour Trackman assessment
  • 1 hour: Trackman session—average carry and total distance for each club
Golf lessons

Short Game

  • 2 hours: Putting instruction
  • 2 hours: Short game instruction

Club Fitting

  • 1 hour: Club fitting for your choice of one component of your bag (driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, or wedges)
  • 90 minutes: Club Fitting for 2 similar components (driver and fairway woods, irons and hybrids, or irons and wedges)
  • 3 hours: Full club fitting (driver through wedges)
  • 30 minutes: Putter fitting
  • 1 hour: Club analysis (check loft and lies on current set)

Women’s Golf Getaway Weekend

The Sea Island Women’s Golf Getaway Weekend is all about you, golf, and sharing your passion for the game with others. Offered over various dates throughout 2024, it promises to revitalize your golf game with personalized and guided instruction from two of the Sea Island Golf Performance Center’s elite, expert instructors who make learning fun and productive.

Offered on dates throughout 2024.

Golf instructor helping golfer

Golf and Corporate Group Programs

Demonstration clinics, programs to improve your mental game, your short or long game—or both, and professional playing lessons. Full instruction or a pro-style stretch before your round.

Sea Island Golf Intructors

Our Instructors

Our world-renowned instructors, as well as our own golf fitness expert, sports psychologist, and experienced club fitters, are leaders in the field. Staff who have worked with and trained some of the top players in the game. Now it’s your turn to have the best in your corner.

  • Facilities

    Welcome to one of the world’s finest practice facilities—indoors and out. Three hundred yards of tee area overlooking the St. Simons Sound, multiple target greens, two chipping greens, four putting greens State-of-the art technology including a Zen Greenstage putting platform, TrackMan radars and simulator, and more. All designed to improve every aspect of your game.

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